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Detailed Translations for filament from English to German


filament [the ~] noun

  1. the filament
    der Glühdraht
  2. the filament (fibre; fiber)
    die Faser

Translation Matrix for filament:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Faser fiber; fibre; filament body fibre; fiber; fibre; ravel; tissue; web
Glühdraht filament
- fibril; filum; strand

Related Words for "filament":

  • filaments

Synonyms for "filament":

Related Definitions for "filament":

  1. a thin wire (usually tungsten) that is heated white hot by the passage of an electric current1
  2. a threadlike structure (as a chainlike series of cells)1
  3. the stalk of a stamen1
  4. a very slender natural or synthetic fiber1

Wiktionary Translations for filament:

  1. fine thread or wire
  2. wire in an incandescent light bulb

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