Detailed Synonyms for revivify in English


revivify verb

  1. revivify
    – give new life or energy to 1
    to revive; to repair; to animate; to renovate; to quicken; recreate; revivify; vivify; reanimate
    – give new life or energy to 1
    • revive verb (revives, revived, reviving)
      • A hot soup will revive me1
    • repair verb (repairs, repaired, repairing)
      • This treatment repaired my health1
    • animate verb (animates, animated, animating)
    • renovate verb (renovates, renovated, renovating)
      • This will renovate my spirits1
    • quicken verb (quickens, quickened, quickening)
    • recreate verb
    • revivify verb
    • vivify verb
    • reanimate verb

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Related Definitions for "revivify":

  1. give new life or energy to1