Detailed Translations for cattishness from English to Spanish


cattishness [the ~] noun

  1. the cattishness (bittyness)
    la agudeza; la aspereza; la sequedad; la acritud; la brusquedad; la causticidad; el genio áspero
  2. the cattishness (bittyness; sharpness)
    la acritud

Translation Matrix for cattishness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acritud bittyness; cattishness; sharpness acidity; cunning; curtness; fervor; fervour; fierceness; intensity; keenness; sharpness; snappiness; vehemence; violence
agudeza bittyness; cattishness acidity; acumen; acuteness; adeptness; brain; brightness; cleverness; cunning; curtness; discernment; gag; insight; intelligence; jest; joke; keen perception; keenness; notion; pleasantry; quick-wittedness; quip; readiness for battle; sagacity; sharp-eyedness; sharp-mindedness; sharpness; shrewdness; slyness; smartness; snappiness; understanding; witticism; witty remark
aspereza bittyness; cattishness acidity; bitchiness; curtness; fervor; fervour; fierceness; grimness; harshness; intensity; roughness; sharpness; snappiness; snappishness; vehemence; violence
brusquedad bittyness; cattishness acidity; brusqueness; curtness; fervor; fervour; fierceness; grimness; harshness; intensity; snappiness; vehemence; violence
causticidad bittyness; cattishness fervor; fervour; fierceness; intensity; vehemence; violence
genio áspero bittyness; cattishness acidity; curtness; snappiness
sequedad bittyness; cattishness acidity; barrenness; curtness; drought; dryness; snappiness; tartness