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Detailed Translations for dissemination from English to Spanish


dissemination [the ~] noun

  1. the dissemination
    la metástasis; la siembra

Translation Matrix for dissemination:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
metástasis dissemination seedling
siembra dissemination
- airing; diffusion; dispersal; dispersion; public exposure; spreading

Related Words for "dissemination":

Synonyms for "dissemination":

Related Definitions for "dissemination":

  1. the act of dispersing or diffusing something1
  2. the property of being diffused or dispersed1
  3. the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate1


to disseminate verb (disseminates, disseminated, disseminating)

  1. to disseminate (carry out a message; spread)
  2. to disseminate (sow; metastasize; metastasise)

Conjugations for disseminate:

  1. disseminate
  2. disseminate
  3. disseminates
  4. disseminate
  5. disseminate
  6. disseminate
simple past
  1. disseminated
  2. disseminated
  3. disseminated
  4. disseminated
  5. disseminated
  6. disseminated
present perfect
  1. have disseminated
  2. have disseminated
  3. has disseminated
  4. have disseminated
  5. have disseminated
  6. have disseminated
past continuous
  1. was disseminating
  2. were disseminating
  3. was disseminating
  4. were disseminating
  5. were disseminating
  6. were disseminating
  1. shall disseminate
  2. will disseminate
  3. will disseminate
  4. shall disseminate
  5. will disseminate
  6. will disseminate
continuous present
  1. am disseminating
  2. are disseminating
  3. is disseminating
  4. are disseminating
  5. are disseminating
  6. are disseminating
  1. be disseminated
  2. be disseminated
  3. be disseminated
  4. be disseminated
  5. be disseminated
  6. be disseminated
  1. disseminate!
  2. let's disseminate!
  3. disseminated
  4. disseminating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for disseminate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desparramar disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow
difundir disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow announce; blab; broadcast; chat; chatter; declare; disclose; expound; give away; have a conversation; inform against; narrate; proclaim; rattle; relate; reveal; speak; squeal; state; talk; tell
diseminar disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow
predicar carry out a message; disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow; spread deliver a sermon; preach

Related Words for "disseminate":

Synonyms for "disseminate":

Wiktionary Translations for disseminate:

Cross Translation:
disseminate diseminar disséminersemer çà et là ; éparpiller ; répandre.

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