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  1. indeterminacy:


Detailed Translations for indeterminacy from English to Spanish


indeterminacy [the ~] noun

  1. the indeterminacy (vagueness)
    la confusión; la vaguedad; la indefinición; la imprecisión; la indeterminación

Translation Matrix for indeterminacy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
confusión indeterminacy; vagueness absence of order; bewilderment; caboodle; chaos; confusion; crisscross; desperation; disarray; disorder; hash; mayhem; mess; muddle; perplexity; puzzlement; slip; slip of the tongue; tangle; upheaval
imprecisión indeterminacy; vagueness inaccuracy; inexactitude; shapelessness
indefinición indeterminacy; vagueness dimness; faintness; vague feeling
indeterminación indeterminacy; vagueness
vaguedad indeterminacy; vagueness darkness; dimness; faintness; obscurity; vague feeling; vagueness
- indefiniteness; indefinity; indeterminateness; indetermination

Synonyms for "indeterminacy":

Related Definitions for "indeterminacy":

  1. the quality of being vague and poorly defined1