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  1. sneer at:


Detailed Translations for sneer at from English to Spanish

sneer at:

to sneer at verb (sneers at, sneered at, sneering at)

  1. to sneer at (jeer; jibe)

Conjugations for sneer at:

  1. sneer at
  2. sneer at
  3. sneers at
  4. sneer at
  5. sneer at
  6. sneer at
simple past
  1. sneered at
  2. sneered at
  3. sneered at
  4. sneered at
  5. sneered at
  6. sneered at
present perfect
  1. have sneered at
  2. have sneered at
  3. has sneered at
  4. have sneered at
  5. have sneered at
  6. have sneered at
past continuous
  1. was sneering at
  2. were sneering at
  3. was sneering at
  4. were sneering at
  5. were sneering at
  6. were sneering at
  1. shall sneer at
  2. will sneer at
  3. will sneer at
  4. shall sneer at
  5. will sneer at
  6. will sneer at
continuous present
  1. am sneering at
  2. are sneering at
  3. is sneering at
  4. are sneering at
  5. are sneering at
  6. are sneering at
  1. be sneered at
  2. be sneered at
  3. be sneered at
  4. be sneered at
  5. be sneered at
  6. be sneered at
  1. sneer at!
  2. let's sneer at!
  3. sneered at
  4. sneering at
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sneer at:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
burlarse jeer; jibe; sneer at badger; banter; be a nuisance; cheat; commit foolery; do something silly; gull; jape; jest; joke; make a fool of; make fun of; pester; play a joke; play a trick; poke fun at; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; spoof; taunt; trick
mofarse jeer; jibe; sneer at make a fool of; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; taunt

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