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Detailed Translations for unprepared from English to Spanish


unprepared adj

  1. unprepared (improvised)
  2. unprepared (unready)

Translation Matrix for unprepared:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
improvisado improvised; unprepared makeshift; provisional
inacabado unprepared; unready incomplete; unfinished
no preparado improvised; unprepared
sin terminar unprepared; unready

Related Words for "unprepared":

Synonyms for "unprepared":

  • ad-lib; extemporaneous; extemporary; extempore; impromptu; offhand; offhanded; off-the-cuff; unrehearsed; spur-of-the-moment; unready

Antonyms for "unprepared":

Related Definitions for "unprepared":

  1. without preparation; not prepared for1
    • unprepared remarks1
    • the shock was unprepared1
    • our treaty makers approached their immensely difficult problems unprepared1

Wiktionary Translations for unprepared:

  1. not prepared

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