Detailed Translations for abridging from English to Dutch



to abridge verb (abridges, abridged, abridging)

  1. to abridge (shorten; curtail; crop; trim; clip)
    verkorten; inkorten; korter maken
  2. to abridge (shorten; cut down; cut short)
    • bekorten verb (bekort, bekortte, bekortten, bekort)

Conjugations for abridge:

  1. abridge
  2. abridge
  3. abridges
  4. abridge
  5. abridge
  6. abridge
simple past
  1. abridged
  2. abridged
  3. abridged
  4. abridged
  5. abridged
  6. abridged
present perfect
  1. have abridged
  2. have abridged
  3. has abridged
  4. have abridged
  5. have abridged
  6. have abridged
past continuous
  1. was abridging
  2. were abridging
  3. was abridging
  4. were abridging
  5. were abridging
  6. were abridging
  1. shall abridge
  2. will abridge
  3. will abridge
  4. shall abridge
  5. will abridge
  6. will abridge
continuous present
  1. am abridging
  2. are abridging
  3. is abridging
  4. are abridging
  5. are abridging
  6. are abridging
  1. be abridged
  2. be abridged
  3. be abridged
  4. be abridged
  5. be abridged
  6. be abridged
  1. abridge!
  2. let's abridge!
  3. abridged
  4. abridging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for abridge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bekorten abbreviating; abridging; shortening
inkorten abbreviating; abridging; shortening
korter maken abbreviating; abridging; shortening
verkorten abbreviating; abridging; shortening
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bekorten abridge; cut down; cut short; shorten
inkorten abridge; clip; crop; curtail; shorten; trim abbreviate; shorten
korter maken abridge; clip; crop; curtail; shorten; trim
verkorten abridge; clip; crop; curtail; shorten; trim curtail; decrease; diminish; dwindle; lessen; mark down; reduce; scale down; shrink away
- abbreviate; contract; cut; foreshorten; reduce; shorten

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Related Definitions for "abridge":

  1. lessen, diminish, or curtail1
    • the new law might abridge our freedom of expression1
  2. reduce in scope while retaining essential elements1