Detailed Translations for drain off from English to Dutch

drain off:

to drain off verb (drains off, drained off, draining off)

  1. to drain off (drain away)
    afvoeren; doen wegvloeien
  2. to drain off (flow away)
    afvloeien; wegvloeien; wegstromen
    • afvloeien verb (vloei af, vloeit af, vloeide af, vloeiden af, afgevloeid)
    • wegvloeien verb (vloei weg, vloeit weg, vloeide weg, vloeiden weg, weggevloeid)
    • wegstromen verb (stroom weg, stroomt weg, stroomde weg, stroomden weg, weggestroomd)

Conjugations for drain off:

  1. drain off
  2. drain off
  3. drains off
  4. drain off
  5. drain off
  6. drain off
simple past
  1. drained off
  2. drained off
  3. drained off
  4. drained off
  5. drained off
  6. drained off
present perfect
  1. have drained off
  2. have drained off
  3. has drained off
  4. have drained off
  5. have drained off
  6. have drained off
past continuous
  1. was draining off
  2. were draining off
  3. was draining off
  4. were draining off
  5. were draining off
  6. were draining off
  1. shall drain off
  2. will drain off
  3. will drain off
  4. shall drain off
  5. will drain off
  6. will drain off
continuous present
  1. am draining off
  2. are draining off
  3. is draining off
  4. are draining off
  5. are draining off
  6. are draining off
  1. be drained off
  2. be drained off
  3. be drained off
  4. be drained off
  5. be drained off
  6. be drained off
  1. drain off!
  2. let's drain off!
  3. drained off
  4. draining off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for drain off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afvloeien draining away; flowing away; running away
wegstromen draining away; flowing away; running away
wegvloeien draining away; flowing away; running away
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afvloeien drain off; flow away be discharged; cast out; discharge; dismiss; fire; lay off; sack; throw out
afvoeren drain away; drain off accompany; carry away; carry off; discharge; disgorge; drain; empty; expel; remove; see off; take away; take in
doen wegvloeien drain away; drain off
wegstromen drain off; flow away
wegvloeien drain off; flow away
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- drain

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