Detailed Translations for presume from English to Dutch


to presume verb (presumes, presumed, presuming)

  1. to presume
    veronderstellen; aannemen; uitgaan van
    • veronderstellen verb (veronderstel, veronderstelt, veronderstelde, veronderstelden, verondersteld)
    • aannemen verb (neem aan, neemt aan, nam aan, namen aan, aangenomen)
  2. to presume (suppose; assume)
    ervan uitgaan
    • ervan uitgaan verb (ga ervan uit, gaat ervan uit, ging ervan uit, gingen ervan uit, ervan uitgegaan)
  3. to presume (postulate; surmise; presuppose; suppose)
    vooronderstellen; postuleren
    • vooronderstellen verb (vooronderstel, vooronderstelt, vooronderstelde, vooronderstelden, voorondersteld)
    • postuleren verb (postuleer, postuleert, postuleerde, postuleerden, gepostuleerd)
  4. to presume (conjecture; guess; suppose; )
    raden; gissen; gissing maken
  5. presume (suppose)
    – het op grond van bepaalde aanwijzingen denken 1
    • vermoeden verb (vermoed, vermoedt, vermoedde, vermoedden, vermoed)
      • wij vermoeden dat hij boos is1

Conjugations for presume:

  1. presume
  2. presume
  3. presumes
  4. presume
  5. presume
  6. presume
simple past
  1. presumed
  2. presumed
  3. presumed
  4. presumed
  5. presumed
  6. presumed
present perfect
  1. have presumed
  2. have presumed
  3. has presumed
  4. have presumed
  5. have presumed
  6. have presumed
past continuous
  1. was presuming
  2. were presuming
  3. was presuming
  4. were presuming
  5. were presuming
  6. were presuming
  1. shall presume
  2. will presume
  3. will presume
  4. shall presume
  5. will presume
  6. will presume
continuous present
  1. am presuming
  2. are presuming
  3. is presuming
  4. are presuming
  5. are presuming
  6. are presuming
  1. be presumed
  2. be presumed
  3. be presumed
  4. be presumed
  5. be presumed
  6. be presumed
  1. presume!
  2. let's presume!
  3. presumed
  4. presuming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for presume:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aannemen adoption; presumption; presupposition
vermoeden presuming; presumption; supposition
veronderstellen assuming
vooronderstellen presumption; presupposition
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aannemen presume abide; accept; accept a gift; adopt; believe; believe in; collect; employ; engage; hire; receive; recruit; sign on; take; take on; take possession of
ervan uitgaan assume; presume; suppose
gissen conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise
gissing maken conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise
postuleren postulate; presume; presuppose; suppose; surmise
raden conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise advise; suggest
uitgaan van presume
vermoeden presume; suppose
veronderstellen presume
vooronderstellen postulate; presume; presuppose; suppose; surmise
- assume; dare; make bold; take for granted
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dare; make so bold as

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Related Definitions for "presume":

  1. take liberties or act with too much confidence2
  2. take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof2
  3. constitute reasonable evidence for2
    • A restaurant bill presumes the consumption of food2
  4. take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission2

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Cross Translation:
presume aannemen; menen; stellen; vermoeden; veronderstellen supposer — Poser une chose pour établie (sens général)