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Detailed Translations for put up from English to Dutch

put up:

to put up verb (puts up, put up, putting up)

  1. to put up (store; stock; secure; lay up)
    opslaan; bewaren; deponeren
    • opslaan verb (sla op, slaat op, sloeg op, sloegen op, opgeslagen)
    • bewaren verb (bewaar, bewaart, bewaarde, bewaarden, bewaard)
    • deponeren verb (deponeer, deponeert, deponeerde, deponeerden, gedeponeerd)
  2. to put up (lift up; raise)
    heffen; omhoog doen
  3. to put up (adjust; raise)

Conjugations for put up:

  1. put up
  2. put up
  3. puts up
  4. put up
  5. put up
  6. put up
simple past
  1. put up
  2. put up
  3. put up
  4. put up
  5. put up
  6. put up
present perfect
  1. have put up
  2. have put up
  3. has put up
  4. have put up
  5. have put up
  6. have put up
past continuous
  1. was putting up
  2. were putting up
  3. was putting up
  4. were putting up
  5. were putting up
  6. were putting up
  1. shall put up
  2. will put up
  3. will put up
  4. shall put up
  5. will put up
  6. will put up
continuous present
  1. am putting up
  2. are putting up
  3. is putting up
  4. are putting up
  5. are putting up
  6. are putting up
  1. be put up
  2. be put up
  3. be put up
  4. be put up
  5. be put up
  6. be put up
  1. put up!
  2. let's put up!
  3. put up
  4. putting up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for put up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bewaren saving; storing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bewaren lay up; put up; secure; stock; store archivate; conserve; document; file; guard from; keep; lay aside; organise; organize; preserve; put away; save; shield; store
deponeren lay up; put up; secure; stock; store deposit; lay; laydown; place; placing; put; put down; remit; set; set down; situate; station
ding rechtzetten adjust; put up; raise
heffen lift up; put up; raise heave; lift; lift up; raise
omhoog doen lift up; put up; raise
opslaan lay up; put up; secure; stock; store archivate; document; file; organise; organize; record; remember; save; store
- can; contribute; domiciliate; erect; house; nominate; offer; post; provide; put forward; raise; rear; set up; tin
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- accomodate; dish up; lodge; organise; organize; put down; sey up; shorten

Synonyms for "put up":

Antonyms for "put up":

Related Definitions for "put up":

  1. preserve in a can or tin1
  2. propose as a candidate for some honor1
  3. place so as to be noticed1
  4. construct, build, or erect1
  5. provide1
    • The city has to put up half the required amount1
  6. make available for sale at an auction1
    • The dealer put up three of his most valuable paintings for auction1
  7. mount or put up1
    • put up a good fight1
  8. provide housing for1

Wiktionary Translations for put up:

put up
  1. iets boven de gewone positie brengen

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