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Detailed Translations for sign on from English to Dutch

sign on:

to sign on verb (signs on, signed on, signing on)

  1. to sign on (register; engage)
    inschrijven; aanmelden; aanmonsteren
    • inschrijven verb (schrijf in, schrijft in, schreef in, schreven in, ingeschreven)
    • aanmelden verb (meld aan, meldt aan, meldde aan, meldden aan, aangemeld)
    • aanmonsteren verb (monster aan, monstert aan, monsterde aan, monsterden aan, aangemonsterd)
  2. to sign on (employ; hire; recruit; engage)
    in dienst nemen; aannemen; aantrekken; inhuren
    • in dienst nemen verb (neem in dienst, neemt in dienst, nam in dienst, namen in dienst, in dienst genomen)
    • aannemen verb (neem aan, neemt aan, nam aan, namen aan, aangenomen)
    • aantrekken verb (trek aan, trekt aan, trok aan, trokken aan, aangetrokken)
    • inhuren verb (huur in, huurt in, huurde in, huurden in, ingehuurd)

Conjugations for sign on:

  1. sign on
  2. sign on
  3. signs on
  4. sign on
  5. sign on
  6. sign on
simple past
  1. signed on
  2. signed on
  3. signed on
  4. signed on
  5. signed on
  6. signed on
present perfect
  1. have signed on
  2. have signed on
  3. has signed on
  4. have signed on
  5. have signed on
  6. have signed on
past continuous
  1. was signing on
  2. were signing on
  3. was signing on
  4. were signing on
  5. were signing on
  6. were signing on
  1. shall sign on
  2. will sign on
  3. will sign on
  4. shall sign on
  5. will sign on
  6. will sign on
continuous present
  1. am signing on
  2. are signing on
  3. is signing on
  4. are signing on
  5. are signing on
  6. are signing on
  1. be signed on
  2. be signed on
  3. be signed on
  4. be signed on
  5. be signed on
  6. be signed on
  1. sign on!
  2. let's sign on!
  3. signed on
  4. signing on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sign on:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanmelden applying; entry; registration
aanmonsteren signing on; signing up
aannemen adoption; presumption; presupposition
aantrekken alluring; attiring; attracting; charming; clothing; dressing; inviting; pull; tempting
in dienst nemen employing; engaging; hiring
inhuren chartering; employing; employment; engaging; hiring
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanmelden engage; register; sign on enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; inscribe; log on; logon; register; sign in; subscribe
aanmonsteren engage; register; sign on sail up
aannemen employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on abide; accept; accept a gift; adopt; believe; believe in; collect; presume; receive; take; take on; take possession of
aantrekken employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on advertise; advertize; draw new members; dress; make propaganda; publish; pull to; put on; recruit; solicit
in dienst nemen employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on
inhuren employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on
inschrijven engage; register; sign on book; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; enter in the land registry; give up; hand down; inscribe; register; subscribe; survey
- contract; sign; sign up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- pattern

Synonyms for "sign on":

Related Definitions for "sign on":

  1. engage by written agreement1

Wiktionary Translations for sign on:

sign on
  1. scheepvaart|nld dienst nemen op een schip

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