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Detailed Translations for intend from English to Swedish


to intend verb (intends, intended, intending)

  1. to intend
    • mena verb (menar, menade, menat)
  2. to intend (take on; propose; plan)
    tänka; avse; ämna; ha avsiktet
    • tänka verb (tänker, tänkte, tänkt)
    • avse verb (avser, avsåg, avsett)
    • ämna verb (ämnar, ämnade, ämnat)
    • ha avsiktet verb (har avsiktet, hade avsiktet, haft avsiktet)
  3. to intend (sympathize; conceive; imagine; )
    sympatisera; hysa sympati för
    • sympatisera verb (sympatiserar, sympatiserade, sympatiserat)
    • hysa sympati för verb (hyser sympati för, hyste sympati för, hyst sympati för)

Conjugations for intend:

  1. intend
  2. intend
  3. intends
  4. intend
  5. intend
  6. intend
simple past
  1. intended
  2. intended
  3. intended
  4. intended
  5. intended
  6. intended
present perfect
  1. have intended
  2. have intended
  3. has intended
  4. have intended
  5. have intended
  6. have intended
past continuous
  1. was intending
  2. were intending
  3. was intending
  4. were intending
  5. were intending
  6. were intending
  1. shall intend
  2. will intend
  3. will intend
  4. shall intend
  5. will intend
  6. will intend
continuous present
  1. am intending
  2. are intending
  3. is intending
  4. are intending
  5. are intending
  6. are intending
  1. be intended
  2. be intended
  3. be intended
  4. be intended
  5. be intended
  6. be intended
  1. intend!
  2. let's intend!
  3. intended
  4. intending
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

intend adj

  1. intend (having in mind; prone; inclined)

Translation Matrix for intend:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avse intend; plan; propose; take on aim at
ha avsiktet intend; plan; propose; take on aim at; make for; mean; strive
hysa sympati för be in sympathy with; conceive; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; sympathise; sympathize; think
mena intend aim at; be of the opinion; mean
sympatisera be in sympathy with; conceive; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; sympathise; sympathize; think share an ideology; sympathise; sympathize
tänka intend; plan; propose; take on aim at; break one's head; brood; cogitate; consider; make for; mean; muse; ponder; puzzle; reflect; strive; think; wonder
ämna intend; plan; propose; take on
- designate; destine; mean; signify; specify; stand for; think
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tänkt having in mind; inclined; intend; prone

Synonyms for "intend":

Related Definitions for "intend":

  1. have in mind as a purpose1
  2. design or destine1
    • She was intended to become the director1
  3. denote or connote1
  4. mean or intend to express or convey1
    • what do his words intend?1

Wiktionary Translations for intend:

Cross Translation:
intend avse beabsichtigen — die Absicht haben, etwas zu tun
intend intendera; åsyfta; eftersträva intendieren — etwas vorhaben