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actor [el ~] noun

  1. el actor (artista; artista de variedades; animador)
    the actor
    – a theatrical performer 1
    the performer
    the actress
    – a female actor 1
  2. el actor (comediante; cómico)
    the exagerator; the comedian; the affected person; the play-actor; the funny-man
  3. el actor
    the actor
    – A person or process that either starts or participates in an activity. Actors can be either initiators or targets. 2
  4. el actor
    the actor
    – A representation of a role played by an outside object. One physical object, therefore, may be represented by several actors. 2

Translation Matrix for actor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
actor actor; animador; artista; artista de variedades
actress actor; animador; artista; artista de variedades actriz; jugadora
affected person actor; comediante; cómico
comedian actor; comediante; cómico bromista; burlón; cómico; guasón; payaso
exagerator actor; comediante; cómico
funny-man actor; comediante; cómico cómico
performer actor; animador; artista; artista de variedades artista; artista cirquense; cantante
play-actor actor; comediante; cómico cómico

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Wiktionary Translations for actor:

  1. one who claims
  2. person who performs in a theatrical play or film

Cross Translation:
actor actor; character speler — acteur
actor actor komediant — toneelspeler in blijspelen
actor actor acteur — persoon
actor accuser aanklager — iemand die een proces aanspant
actor actor; actress Darsteller — jemand, der z.B. im Theater oder Film etwas verkörpert, etwas darstellt
actor actor SchauspielerDarsteller in Film oder Theater
actor actor; performer acteur — celui, celle qui représente un personnage dans une pièce de théâtre
actor actor; performer; comedian; thespian acteur — celui, celle qui exerce la profession de comédien

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