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  1. cinta de opciones:


Detailed Translations for cinta de opciones from Spanish to English

cinta de opciones:

cinta de opciones

  1. cinta de opciones
    the ribbon
    – An area in a window in which commands and other controls are displayed in functionally related groups. A ribbon can be divided into multiple views, known as tabs, and every tab can contain multiple groups of controls. Typically, a ribbon appears at the top of a window. 1

Translation Matrix for cinta de opciones:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ribbon cinta de opciones aro; banda; borde; carrillera; cinta; cinta entintada; cinta para el pelo; condecoración; diadema; franja; galón; lazo; neumático; pasamano; raya; tira

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