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  1. Verhalten
    the behaviors
    – Reusable components that encapsulate interactive behavior and can be applied to objects in an application. A behavior may contain some state, and may expose one or more commands. 1
  2. Verhalten
    the behavior
    – A component that controls various run-time aspects of a service, an endpoint, a particular operation, or a client. Behaviors are grouped according to scope: common behaviors affect all endpoints globally, service behaviors affect only service-related aspects, endpoint behaviors affect only endpoint-related properties, and operation-level behaviors affect particular operations. 1

Translation Matrix for Verhalten:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
behavior Verhalten Haltung; Verhaltensweise
behaviors Verhalten

Synonyms for "Verhalten":

Wiktionary Translations for Verhalten:

  1. das, was jemand tut oder lässt und auf welche Weise
  1. of or pertaining to behaviour
  1. the way matter moves or acts
  2. way an animal or human behaves or acts
  3. way matter or systems behave

Cross Translation:
Verhalten behavior; behaviour gedrag — de manier waarop iemand optreedt of iets ergens op reageert
Verhalten behaviour; behavior; comportment; demeanor; demeanour comportement — Manière de se comporter
Verhalten stake mise — mise (f)
Verhalten conduct; behaviour; behavior; deportment; procedure; process; technique procédéconduite, manière d’agir d’une personne envers une autre.

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