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Detailed Translations for contamination from English to German


contamination [the ~] noun

  1. the contamination (pollution; filthiness)
    die Beschmutzung; die Schmutzigkeit; der Schmutz; der Dreck
  2. the contamination (infection; infecting; poisoning)
    die Ansteckung

Translation Matrix for contamination:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Ansteckung contamination; infecting; infection; poisoning infection; inflammation
Beschmutzung contamination; filthiness; pollution pollution; soiling
Dreck contamination; filthiness; pollution blob; clot; crap; dab; dinginess; dirt; dirtiness; dirty; dirtyness; droppings; dust; excrements; excreta; excretion; faeces; feces; filth; filthy; filthyness; griminess; grit; grubbiness; mire; muck; mud; night soil; obscenity; shit; sloppiness; sludge; slush; smut; speck of dust; stool; turd
Schmutz contamination; filthiness; pollution blob; carelessness; clot; crap; dab; dinginess; dirt; dirtiness; dirty; dirtyness; droppings; filth; filthy; griminess; grubbiness; inaccuracy; mire; muck; mud; obscenity; shit; sloppiness; slovenliness; sludge; slush; smut; turd
Schmutzigkeit contamination; filthiness; pollution carelessness; dinginess; dirt; dirtiness; dirty; dirtyness; filth; filthy; filthyness; griminess; grubbiness; inaccuracy; muck; obscenity; sloppiness; slovenliness; smut; smutty talk
- contaminant; pollution; taint

Related Words for "contamination":

  • decontamination

Synonyms for "contamination":

Antonyms for "contamination":

Related Definitions for "contamination":

  1. the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors1
  2. the state of being contaminated1
  3. a substance that contaminates1

Wiktionary Translations for contamination:

  1. The act or process of contaminating

Cross Translation:
contamination Verseuchung contaminationsouillure qui résulter du contact d’un objet impur, malpropre ou contaminant.

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