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  1. grow in size:


Detailed Translations for grow in size from English to German

grow in size:

grow in size verb

  1. grow in size (blossom; fill out)
    entwickeln; erblühen; entfalten
    • entwickeln verb (entwickele, entwickelst, entwickelt, entwickelte, entwickeltet, entwickelt)
    • erblühen verb (erblühe, erblühst, erblüht, erblühte, erblühtet, erblüht)
    • entfalten verb (entfalte, entfaltest, entfaltet, entfaltete, entfaltetet, entfaltet)

Translation Matrix for grow in size:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entfalten blossom; fill out; grow in size alter; bloom; change; create; develop; expose; flourish; fold open; fold out; interchange; invent; make; open oneself up; prosper; spread out; switch; transform; unfold; vary
entwickeln blossom; fill out; grow in size conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; develop; evolve; exercise; fabricate; invent; lead up; make; manufacture; practice; practise; prepare; produce; train; tutor; unfold
erblühen blossom; fill out; grow in size bloom; brighten up; catch one's breath; cheer up; expose; flourish; liven up; open oneself up; prosper; recover one's breath

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