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Detailed Translations for dispense from English to Spanish


to dispense verb (dispenses, dispensed, dispensing)

  1. to dispense (provide; give; deliver; hand over to)
  2. to dispense (exempt from)

Conjugations for dispense:

  1. dispense
  2. dispense
  3. dispenses
  4. dispense
  5. dispense
  6. dispense
simple past
  1. dispensed
  2. dispensed
  3. dispensed
  4. dispensed
  5. dispensed
  6. dispensed
present perfect
  1. have dispensed
  2. have dispensed
  3. has dispensed
  4. have dispensed
  5. have dispensed
  6. have dispensed
past continuous
  1. was dispensing
  2. were dispensing
  3. was dispensing
  4. were dispensing
  5. were dispensing
  6. were dispensing
  1. shall dispense
  2. will dispense
  3. will dispense
  4. shall dispense
  5. will dispense
  6. will dispense
continuous present
  1. am dispensing
  2. are dispensing
  3. is dispensing
  4. are dispensing
  5. are dispensing
  6. are dispensing
  1. be dispensed
  2. be dispensed
  3. be dispensed
  4. be dispensed
  5. be dispensed
  6. be dispensed
  1. dispense!
  2. let's dispense!
  3. dispensed
  4. dispensing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dispense:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
suministrar supplying
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conceder deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide admit; allow; assent to; authorise; authorize; bestow; concede; confirm; donate; endorse; give; give a present; give one's fiat to; grant; offer; permit; submit to; tolerate
dar deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide administer; allocate; allot; allow; assign; bestow; bestow on; confer; delate; deliver up; distribute; donate; extend; furnish; give; give a present; give along with; give to; grant; hand; hand out; hand over; hear; inflict; interpellate; interrogate; offer; pass; pay out; pour in; present with; provide; question; ration; remit; send along with; send with; subsidise; subsidize; supply; swing; turn; veer
dispensar dispense; exempt from
entregar deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide allow; book; bring; bring around; cash; cede; delate; deliver; deliver up; donate; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; extend; furnish; give; give to; give up; hand; hand down; hand in; hand over; hand over to; inscribe; offer; order; pass; pay; pay out; pay over; present; present with; proffer; provide; put up for shipment; register; send; send round; ship; subscribe; supply; surrender; transfer; turn in; yield
suministrar deliver; dispense; give; hand over to; provide administer; allow; bring; bring around; deliver; deliver to the door; furnish; hand over; leave; mail; pour in; provide; put up for shipment; send; ship; supply
- administer

Related Words for "dispense":

Synonyms for "dispense":

Related Definitions for "dispense":

  1. give or apply (medications)1
  2. grant a dispensation; grant an exemption1
    • I was dispensed from this terrible task1

Wiktionary Translations for dispense:

Cross Translation:
dispense exceptuar; distribuir; repartir dispenserexempter de la règle ordinaire, par faveur spéciale, ou simplement exempter de quelque chose.


Detailed Translations for dispense from Spanish to English


dispensar verb

  1. dispensar
    to dispense; exempt from

Conjugations for dispensar:

  1. dispenso
  2. dispensas
  3. dispensa
  4. dispensamos
  5. dispensáis
  6. dispensan
  1. dispensaba
  2. dispensabas
  3. dispensaba
  4. dispensábamos
  5. dispensabais
  6. dispensaban
  1. dispensé
  2. dispensaste
  3. dispensó
  4. dispensamos
  5. dispensasteis
  6. dispensaron
fut. de ind.
  1. dispensaré
  2. dispensarás
  3. dispensará
  4. dispensaremos
  5. dispensaréis
  6. dispensarán
  1. dispensaría
  2. dispensarías
  3. dispensaría
  4. dispensaríamos
  5. dispensaríais
  6. dispensarían
pres. de subj.
  1. que dispense
  2. que dispenses
  3. que dispense
  4. que dispensemos
  5. que dispenséis
  6. que dispensen
imp. de subj.
  1. que dispensara
  2. que dispensaras
  3. que dispensara
  4. que dispensáramos
  5. que dispensarais
  6. que dispensaran
  1. ¡dispensa!
  2. ¡dispensad!
  3. ¡no dispenses!
  4. ¡no dispenséis!
  5. dispensado
  6. dispensando
1. yo, 2. tú, 3. él/ella/usted, 4. nosotros/nosotras, 5. vosotros/vosotras, 6. ellos/ellas/ustedes

Translation Matrix for dispensar:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dispense dispensar conceder; dar; entregar; suministrar
exempt from dispensar

Synonyms for "dispensar":

Wiktionary Translations for dispensar:

Cross Translation:
dispensar cause bereiten — (transitiv) jemandem eine bestimmte Gefühlsregung zuteil werden lassen
dispensar relieve; exempt; excuse; release entheben — (transitiv) jemanden von einer Belastung, Verpflichtung oder Mühe entbinden
dispensar be bestowed; be given; be granted; fall to the share zuteilwerdengehoben, (intransitiv) Dativ|: jemand erhält etwas, jemand oder etwas bekommt Anteil an etwas