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Detailed Translations for bachelor from English to Spanish


bachelor [the ~] noun

  1. the bachelor (single)
    el soltero; la soltera
  2. the bachelor (interested party; candidate; applicant; nominee)
    el candidato; el aspirante

bachelor adj

  1. bachelor (single; spinster; unattached)

Translation Matrix for bachelor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aspirante applicant; bachelor; candidate; interested party; nominee applicant; applicants; beginner; candidates; starter
candidato applicant; bachelor; candidate; interested party; nominee applicant; applicants; candidate; candidates; job-applicant
individual character; individual; mat; place-mat; table-mat
solo cadenza; solo; solo part; solo performance; solo singing
soltera bachelor; single baby; bint; child; infant; little girl
soltero bachelor; single
- bachelor-at-arms; knight bachelor; unmarried man
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bach
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
individual bachelor; single; spinster; unattached apart; free-standing; individual; isolated; on its own; one man; separate; single; solo
separado bachelor; single; spinster; unattached apart; aside; deserted; desolate; dissolved; distinctive; divorced; fallen apart; forlorn; free-standing; from each other; isolated; lonely; lonesome; loose; not tight; on its own; parted; quarantined; secluded; separate; separated; sequestered; solitary; solo; split up; spread; taken apart; untight
solo bachelor; single; spinster; unattached a; an; apart; forlorn; free-standing; independent; isolated; on its own; one; separate; single; singular; solo; unattached
soltero apart; free-standing; independent; isolated; on its own; separate; single; solo; unattached; unmarried

Related Words for "bachelor":

  • bachelors

Synonyms for "bachelor":

  • unmarried man; man; adult male
  • knight bachelor; bachelor-at-arms; knight
  • bach; live

Related Definitions for "bachelor":

  1. a man who has never been married1
  2. a knight of the lowest order; could display only a pennon1
  3. lead a bachelor's existence1

Wiktionary Translations for bachelor:

  1. bachelor's degree
  2. person who has achieved bachelor's degree
  3. unmarried man

Cross Translation:
bachelor soltera; soltero vrijgezel — een ongehuwde man of vrouw
bachelor célibe celibatairvrijgezel
bachelor soltero Junggeselleunverheirateter Mann
bachelor soltero célibataire — Personne en âge d’être mariée, mais qui ne l’est pas
bachelor soltero garçon — Célibataire

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