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Detailed Translations for both from English to Spanish


both adj

  1. both (either; the two of us)

Translation Matrix for both:

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- either
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ambos both; either; the two of us
los dos both; either; the two of us

Synonyms for "both":

Related Definitions for "both":

  1. (used with count nouns) two considered together; the two1
    • both girls are pretty1

Wiktionary Translations for both:

  1. both...and...
  1. each of two; one and the other

Cross Translation:
both ambas; ambos beide — alletwee
both ambos beide — Artikelwort/Pronomen (hier: Indefinitum): zeigt an, dass es sich nicht nur um einen der zwei in Frage kommenden Gegenstände handelt
both ambos; ambas tous les deuxl’un et l’autre de ceux dont on parle ; chacun des deux ensemble.
both a la vez; de una vez; al mismo tiempo à la fois — En même temps,...

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