Detailed Translations for burst from English to Spanish


burst [the ~] noun

  1. the burst (whim; spur of the moment; caprice)
    la racha; el antojo; el arrebato
  2. the burst (whiff; waft; gleam)
    el rasgo; el dejo; la chispa; la excusa; el asomo; el atisbo

Conjugations for burst:

  1. burst
  2. burst
  3. bursts
  4. burst
  5. burst
  6. burst
simple past
  1. bursted
  2. bursted
  3. bursted
  4. bursted
  5. bursted
  6. bursted
present perfect
  1. have bursted
  2. have bursted
  3. has bursted
  4. have bursted
  5. have bursted
  6. have bursted
past continuous
  1. was bursting
  2. were bursting
  3. was bursting
  4. were bursting
  5. were bursting
  6. were bursting
  1. shall burst
  2. will burst
  3. will burst
  4. shall burst
  5. will burst
  6. will burst
continuous present
  1. am bursting
  2. are bursting
  3. is bursting
  4. are bursting
  5. are bursting
  6. are bursting
  1. be bursted
  2. be bursted
  3. be bursted
  4. be bursted
  5. be bursted
  6. be bursted
  1. burst!
  2. let's burst!
  3. bursted
  4. bursting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for burst:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
antojo burst; caprice; spur of the moment; whim inconstancy
arrebato burst; caprice; spur of the moment; whim bang; blast; boom; cattle trail; current; discharge; drift; explosion; fervor; fervour; fierceness; instinct; intensity; intuition; sudden explosion; vehemence; violence
asomo burst; gleam; waft; whiff flicker; hint; semblance; small trace; spark; tending to; touch; trace
atisbo burst; gleam; waft; whiff flicker; spark
chispa burst; gleam; waft; whiff flicker; spark
dejo burst; gleam; waft; whiff
excusa burst; gleam; waft; whiff apology; excuse; explaining-away; extenuation; justification; poor excuse; smooth over; smoothing-over; thinking up a story; vindication; weathering
racha burst; caprice; spur of the moment; whim gust of wind; squall
rasgo burst; gleam; waft; whiff banter; character description; character profile; characterisation; characteristic; characterization; feature; joke; little present; little something; prank; present; quality; streak; tendency; tenor; trait; trend
resquebrajarse breaking; snapping
- explosion; fit; flare-up; fusillade; outburst; salvo; volley
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cuartease burst; crack; shatter blow to pieces; blow up; explode
entrar en erupción burst; explode; snap
estallar burst; crack; explode; shatter; snap acquire; bang; blow to bits; blow to pieces; blow up; boom; break; break loose; burn loose; burst into pieces; burst open; burst out to; chuck down; come loose; crack; explode; fling down; flop; flop down; fly to pieces; get the hang of; intentionally destroy; jump down; jump over; leap down; leap off; learn; pick up; plop down; plump down; pop; shatter; spring open; study
explosionar burst; explode; snap blow to pieces; blow up; explode
explotar burst; crack; explode; shatter; snap blow to pieces; blow up; bring about; crush; cultivate; develop; effect; explode; exploit; make or let explode; realise; realize; reclaim; squeeze; take advantage of; unfold
hacer explosión burst; crack; explode; shatter; snap
partir en pedazos burst; crack; shatter
rajarse burst; crack; shatter burst open; come loose; spring open
resquebrajarse burst; crack; shatter burst open; come loose; spring open
- abound; break; break open; bristle; bust; collapse; erupt; explode; split
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- break; breaking; bursting; detonate; explode; explosion
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arrebatizado burst; impulsive
arrebato burst; impulsive
en un arrebato burst; impulsive
impulsivo burst; impulsive
ompulsivamente burst; impulsive

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Related Definitions for "burst":

  1. the act of exploding or bursting1
    • the burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft1
  2. a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)1
    • a burst of applause1
  3. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms1
  4. a sudden intense happening1
    • a burst of lightning1
  5. burst outward, usually with noise1
  6. come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure1
    • The bubble burst1
  7. break open or apart suddenly and forcefully1
    • The dam burst1
  8. emerge suddenly1
    • The sun burst into view1
  9. force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up1
  10. move suddenly, energetically, or violently1
    • He burst out of the house into the cool night1
  11. cause to burst1
  12. be in a state of movement or action1
  13. Transfer of a block of data all at one time without a break. Certain microprocessors and certain buses have features that support various types of burst transfers.2

Wiktionary Translations for burst:

  1. to cause to burst
  2. to break from internal pressure
  1. instance or act of bursting

Cross Translation:
burst resquebrajarse bersten — onder inwendige druk uit elkaar breken
burst saltar; reventarse; reventar; resquebrajarse; henderse; hender; estallar; cuartearse barsten — heftig breken of uiteenspatten
burst romperse; quebrarse brechen — (intransitiv) äußerer Belastung nicht mehr standhalten können
burst explotar platzen — durch hohen Innendruck explodieren
burst astilla; rancajo; resplandor; brillo éclatpartie détacher brusquement d’un corps qui éclater.

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