Detailed Translations for card-index from English to Spanish


card-index [the ~] noun

  1. the card-index (card-box; card-tray; card-cabinet)
    la caja de naipes
  2. the card-index (card-index system; cardfile; card-tray; card-system)

to card-index verb (card-indexs, card-indexed, card-indexing)

  1. to card-index (classify; systematize; systematise)

Conjugations for card-index:

  1. card-index
  2. card-index
  3. card-indexs
  4. card-index
  5. card-index
  6. card-index
simple past
  1. card-indexed
  2. card-indexed
  3. card-indexed
  4. card-indexed
  5. card-indexed
  6. card-indexed
present perfect
  1. have card-indexed
  2. have card-indexed
  3. has card-indexed
  4. have card-indexed
  5. have card-indexed
  6. have card-indexed
past continuous
  1. was card-indexing
  2. were card-indexing
  3. was card-indexing
  4. were card-indexing
  5. were card-indexing
  6. were card-indexing
  1. shall card-index
  2. will card-index
  3. will card-index
  4. shall card-index
  5. will card-index
  6. will card-index
continuous present
  1. am card-indexing
  2. are card-indexing
  3. is card-indexing
  4. are card-indexing
  5. are card-indexing
  6. are card-indexing
  1. be card-indexed
  2. be card-indexed
  3. be card-indexed
  4. be card-indexed
  5. be card-indexed
  6. be card-indexed
  1. card-index!
  2. let's card-index!
  3. card-indexed
  4. card-indexing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for card-index:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
caja de las fichas card-index; card-index system; card-system; card-tray; cardfile card-index box; card-tray
caja de naipes card-box; card-cabinet; card-index; card-tray
clasificar classification; classifying
fichero card-index; card-index system; card-system; card-tray; cardfile card-index box; card-tray; chart room
organizar organizing
registro de fichas card-index; card-index system; card-system; card-tray; cardfile
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clasificar card-index; classify; systematise; systematize accomodate someone; arrange; assort; board; class; classify; group; lodge; offer someone lodges; order; place; prioritize; put in order; range; rank; select; shelter; shunt; sift; sort out; station
ordenar card-index; classify; systematise; systematize aggravate; arrange; assign to; assort; be in command of; bid; burden; call; charge; class; classify; clean; clear away; coerce; command; commission; compel; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; direct; do odd jobs; do out; entomb; exert power; force; get settled; give an order; give notice of; group; instruct; inter; oblige; ordain; order; preside; proclaim; put away; put in order; put out; put right; range; rank; redevelop; remove; renovate; restore; rule; select; settle; shunt; sift; sort; sort out; take off; take the lead; tidy up
organizar card-index; classify; systematise; systematize arrange; classify; group
sistematizar card-index; classify; systematise; systematize classify; group

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