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Detailed Translations for cardinal from English to Spanish


cardinal [the ~] noun

  1. the cardinal
    el cardenal
  2. the cardinal (cardinal number)
    el cardenal; el número cardinal

Translation Matrix for cardinal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cardenal cardinal; cardinal number
central bastion; emergency room; fortification; fortress; stronghold
esencial main issue; main point; main thing; prominent
número cardinal cardinal; cardinal number
- Cardinalis cardinalis; Richmondena Cardinalis; cardinal grosbeak; cardinal number; carmine; redbird
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- central; fundamental; key; primal
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cardinal cardinal; chief; principal central; crucial; elemental; essential; fundamental; material; vital; wanted
central cardinal; chief; principal central; crucial; elemental; essential; fundamental; material; vital; wanted
crucial cardinal; chief; principal central; critical; crucial; decisive; elemental; essential; final; fundamental; indispensable; material; paramount; very important; vital; wanted
decisivo cardinal; chief; principal central; closing; conclusive; convincing; crucial; effective; elemental; essential; final; fundamental; generally; hindmost; indispensable; irrevocable; last; mainly; material; vital; wanted
esencial cardinal; chief; principal actual; actually; as a matter of fact; basic; central; crucial; elemental; elementary; essential; exhaustive; fundamental; important; in fact; indispensable; inevitably; major; material; necessary; needfully; of necessity; real; really; significant; thorough; true; vital; wanted
fundamental cardinal; chief; principal actual; actually; as a matter of fact; basal; basic; basicly; central; crucial; elemental; elementary; essential; exhaustive; fundamental; fundamentalistic; imperative; in fact; indispensable; inevitable; inevitably; material; necessarily; necessary; needfully; of necessity; pressing; real; really; required; thorough; true; urgent; vital; wanted
vital cardinal; chief; principal active; central; crucial; decisive; dynamic; effective; elemental; energetic; essential; fierce; full of life; fundamental; heavy; indispensable; intense; lively; material; potent; vehement; vigorous; violent; vital; wanted

Related Words for "cardinal":

Synonyms for "cardinal":

  • central; fundamental; key; primal; important; of import
  • zero; 0; non-zero; one; 1; i; ane; two; 2; ii; three; 3; iii; four; 4; iv; five; 5; v; six; 6; vi; half dozen; half-dozen; seven; 7; vii; eight; 8; viii; nine; 9; ix; ten; 10; x; eleven; 11; xi; twelve; 12; xii; dozen; thirteen; 13; xiii; fourteen; 14; xiv; fifteen; 15; xv; sixteen; 16; xvi; seventeen; 17; xvii; eighteen; 18; xviii; nineteen; 19; xix; twenty; 20; xx; twenty-one; 21; xxi; twenty-two; 22; xxii; twenty-three; 23; xxiii; twenty-four; 24; xxiv; twenty-five; 25; xxv; twenty-six; 26; xxvi; twenty-seven; 27; xxvii; twenty-eight; 28; xxviii; twenty-nine; 29; xxix; thirty; 30; xxx; thirty-one; 31; xxxi; thirty-two; 32; xxxii; thirty-three; 33; xxxiii; thirty-four; 34; xxxiv; thirty-five; 35; xxxv; thirty-six; 36; xxxvi; thirty-seven; 37; xxxvii; thirty-eight; 38; xxxviii; thirty-nine; 39; ixl; forty; 40; xl; twoscore; forty-one; 41; xli; forty-two; 42; xlii; forty-three; 43; xliii; forty-four; 44; xliv; forty-five; 45; xlv; forty-six; 46; xlvi; forty-seven; 47; xlvii; forty-eight; 48; xlviii; forty-nine; 49; il; fifty; 50; l; fifty-one; 51; li; fifty-two; 52; lii; fifty-three; 53; liii; fifty-four; 54; liv; fifty-five; 55; lv; fifty-six; 56; lvi; fifty-seven; 57; lvii; fifty-eight; 58; lviii; fifty-nine; 59; ilx; sixty; 60; lx; threescore; sixty-one; 61; lxi; sixty-two; 62; lxii; sixty-three; 63; lxiii (
  • sixty-four; 64; lxiv; sixty-five; 65; lxv; sixty-six; 66; lxvi; sixty-seven; 67; lxvii; sixty-eight; 68; lxviii; sixty-nine; 69; ilxx; seventy; 70; lxx; seventy-one; 71; lxxi; seventy-two; 72; lxxii; seventy-three; 73; lxxiii; seventy-four; 74; lxxiv; seventy-five; 75; lxxv; seventy-six; 76; lxxvi; seventy-seven; 77; lxxvii; seventy-eight; 78; lxxviii; seventy-nine; 79; ilxxx; eighty; 80; lxxx; fourscore; eighty-one; 81; lxxxi; eighty-two; 82; lxxxii; eighty-three; 83; lxxxiii; eighty-four; 84; lxxxiv; eighty-five; 85; lxxxv; eighty-six; 86; lxxxvi; eighty-seven; 87; lxxxvii; eighty-eight; 88; lxxxviii; eighty-nine; 89; ixc; ninety; 90; xc; ninety-one; 91; xci; ninety-two; 92; xcii; ninety-three; 93; xciii; ninety-four; 94; xciv; ninety-five; 95; xcv; ninety-six; 96; xcvi; ninety-seven; 97; xcvii; ninety-eight; 98; xcviii; ninety-nine; 99; ic; hundred; one hundred; 100; c; hundred and one; one hundred one; 101; ci; one hundred five; 105; cv; one hundred ten; 110; cx; one hundred fifteen; 115; cxv; one hundred twenty; 120; cxx; one hundred twenty-five; 125; cxxv; one hundred thirty; 130; cxxx; one hundred thirty-five; 135; cxxxv; one hundred forty; 140; cxl; one hundred forty-five; 145; cxlv; one hundred fifty; 150; cl; one hundred fifty-five; 155; clv; one hundred sixty; 160; clx; one hundred sixty-five; 165; clxv; one hundred seventy; 170; clxx; one hundred seventy-five; 175; clxxv; one hundred eighty; 180; clxxx; one hundred ninety; 190; xcl; two hundred; 200; cc; three hundred; 300; ccc; four hundred; 400; cd; five hundred; 500; d; t
  • one thousand; 1000; m; k; ten thousand; hundred thousand; million; billion; trillion; zillion
  • bishop
  • cardinal number; number

Antonyms for "cardinal":

Related Definitions for "cardinal":

  1. serving as an essential component1
    • a cardinal rule1
  2. being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order1
    • cardinal numbers1
  3. crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male1
  4. a variable color averaging a vivid red1
  5. (Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes1
  6. the number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity but not the order1

Wiktionary Translations for cardinal:

  1. any bird in family Cardinalidae
  2. bird Cardinalis cardinalis
  3. official in Catholic Church
  4. number indicating quantity
  1. describing a number that indicates quantity
  2. of fundamental importance

Cross Translation:
cardinal cardenal kardinaal — hoge geestelijke in de hiërachie van de Rooms-katholieke Kerk, hij mag deelnemen aan de verkiezing van een nieuwe paus
cardinal cardenal KardinalKatholizismus: vom Papst verliehener religiöser Titel, der zur Papstwahl berechtigt
cardinal cardenal KardinalOrnithologie: (nur Plural) Vertreter einer nur in Amerika heimischen Vogelfamilie

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