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Translation Matrix for chosen:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
elegido appointee
favorito beloved; bookmark; chosen one; darling; favorite; favourite; likely candidate
preferido beloved; chosen one; darling; darling pet; darlings; dears; favorite; favourite; honeys; mollycoddle; mother's darling; pampered child; spoiled child
querido beloved; best friend; bosom friend; boyfriend; buddy; candy; close friend; confidante; darling; dear; dearest; deary; ducky; favorite; favourite; heart; hearts desire; honey; ladylove; love; lover; peach; sugar; sweet; sweetest; sweetheart; sweetie; treasure; young man
surtido assortment; selection
- elect
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clasificado chosen; selected arranged; assorted; orderly; selected
electo chosen; elected; picked; selected
elegido chosen; elected; picked; selected exclusive; select
escogido chosen; elected; picked; selected affectionate; appetising; appetizing; cherished; choosy; consummate; dear; delicious; excellent; exclusive; favorite; favourite; first-rate; fussy; ideal; palatable; perfect; picky; preferential; private; scrumptious; select; selected; superb; tasty; thorough; tiptop; yummy
favorito chosen; selected affectionate; auspicious; beloved; cherished; dear; exclusive; favorable; favorite; favourable; favoured; favourite; for preference; hopeful; in demand; in request; most wanted; preferably; preferential; private; select; selected; sought-after; sweet
ordenado chosen; selected civil; classified; clean; filed; methodical; neat; orderly; regulated; systematic; systematical; tidy; well-ordered; well-regulated
preciado chosen; selected affectionate; cherished; dear; exclusive; favorite; favourite; preferential; private; select; selected
predilecto chosen; selected preferential
preferido chosen; selected affectionate; beloved; cherished; dear; exclusive; favorite; favoured; favourite; for preference; most wanted; preferably; preferential; private; select; selected; sweet
querido chosen; selected adorable; affectionate; beloved; cherished; dainty; dear; desirable; desired; devote; elegant; essential; exclusive; favorite; favourite; gladly seen; graceful; handsome; in demand; in request; loved; lovely; necessary; nice; personable; petite; popular; precious; preferential; pretty; private; refined; select; selected; slight; snap; sophisticated; sought-after; stylish; sweet; wanted; well beloved; wished for
seleccionado chosen; elected; picked; selected assorted; selected
selecto chosen; picked; selected exclusive; select
surtido chosen; picked; selected

Synonyms for "chosen":

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  1. an exclusive group of people1
  2. one who is the object of choice; who is given preference1
    • she was Mama's chosen1

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Cross Translation:
chosen favorito; elegido uitverkorenverkoren, bijzonder geliefd

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