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Detailed Translations for fervent from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for fervent:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entusiasta enthusiast
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ardent; fervid; fiery; impassioned; perfervid; torrid
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apasionado ardent; fervent; fierce; hot-blooded; hot-tempered; impassioned; intense; keen; passionate; temperamental; temperamentful ardent; assiduous; diligent; embittered; exasperated; fanatic; fierce; furious; grim; heated; industrious; intense; mad; manic; passionate; possessed; quick-tempered; sedulous; sullen; suppressed; uncontrolled; violent
ardiente ardent; fervent; impassioned; keen; passionate agile; agitated; aroused; broiling; burning; busily engaged; busy; engaged; excited; fiery; fluttered; heated; horny; hot-blooded; hot-headed; hot-tempered; lascivious; occupied; passionate; red-hot; salacious; scalding; tied up
enamorado ardent; fervent; impassioned; keen; passionate
entusiasta ardent; fervent; impassioned; keen; passionate affectionate; as pleased as punch; brisk; buoyant; bustling; cheerful; contented; cordial; eager; eagre; enthusiastic; full of joy; fullfilled; gay; glowing; happy; hearty; high-spirited; impassioned; in high spirits; inspired; jolly; lively; merry; overjoyed; satiated; satisfied; sprightly; thunderous; tumultuous; upbeat; very glad; very happy; warm; warm-hearted
ferviente ardent; fervent; impassioned; keen; passionate fanatical; fanatically; fiery; obsessed
impetuoso ardent; fervent; violent ardent; boisterousness; fierce; furious; heated; intense; passionate; tempestuous; uncontrolled; violent
rabioso ardent; fervent; impassioned; keen; passionate angry; embittered; enraged; exasperated; fierce; inflamed; irate; kindled; livid; quick tempered; seething; sore; suppressed
temperentamente ardent; fervent; fierce; hot-blooded; hot-tempered; intense; passionate; temperamental; temperamentful
vehemente ardent; fervent; violent ardent; embittered; exasperated; fierce; heated; intense; passionate; razor-sharp; sharp; suppressed; uncontrolled; vehement; violent

Related Words for "fervent":

  • fervently

Synonyms for "fervent":

Related Definitions for "fervent":

  1. extremely hot1
    • the fervent heat...merely communicated a genial warmth to their half-torpid systems1
  2. characterized by intense emotion1
    • a fervent desire to change society1
    • a fervent admirer1

Wiktionary Translations for fervent:

  1. exhibiting particular enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence, or belief

Cross Translation:
fervent ferviente inbrünstig — mit leidenschaftlichem Gefühl