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Detailed Translations for finite from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for finite:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
a un lado finite; limited; superannuated for one thing; on a side; on the one hand
de un solo lado finite; limited; superannuated
limitado bordered; finite; limited abated; bashfull; contracted; decreased; diffident; limited; mean; narrow; narrow minded; pedestrian; petty; reduced; restricted; sealed off; vile
restringido bordered; finite; limited abated; contracted; decreased; reduced
simple finite; limited; superannuated common; easily; easy; effortless; empty-headed; humble; modest; naive; naïve; not difficult; not hard; of simple origin; ordinarily; ordinary; plain; simple; unaffected; uncomplicated; wide-eyed
unilateral finite; limited; superannuated unilateral

Related Words for "finite":

  • finiteness, finitely

Synonyms for "finite":

  • bounded; delimited; exhaustible; impermanent; limited; mortal
  • tensed

Antonyms for "finite":

Related Definitions for "finite":

  1. bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent1
  2. of verbs; relating to forms of the verb that are limited in time by a tense and (usually) show agreement with number and person1

Wiktionary Translations for finite:

  1. having an end or limit

Cross Translation:
finite restricto; limitado; finito eindig — een einde hebbende
finite acabado; terminado fini — Qui a une fin, limité.