Detailed Translations for forwarding from English to Spanish


forwarding [the ~] noun

  1. the forwarding (sending; remittance; transfer)
    el despacho; el envío; la expedición
  2. the forwarding
    el envío

Translation Matrix for forwarding:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
despacho forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer bureau; completion; conclusion; delivery; despatch; forewarding; liquidation; sending; supplies; supply; winding up
envío forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer consignment; delivery; despatch; dispatch; forewarding; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply
expedición forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer delivery; examination; expedition; exploration; mailing; reconnoitering expedition; scouting expedition; search; supplies; supply; yielding
- furtherance; promotion

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Synonyms for "forwarding":

Related Definitions for "forwarding":

  1. the act of sending on to another destination1
    • the forwarding of mail to a new address is done automatically1
    • the forwarding of resumes to the personnel department1
  2. the advancement of some enterprise1
    • his experience in marketing resulted in the forwarding of his career1

forwarding form of forward:

to forward verb (forwards, forwarded, forwarding)

  1. to forward (advance)
  2. to forward (send; remit; send to)
  3. to forward (send after)
  4. to forward (send on; redirect)
  5. to forward
    – To send a received e-mail message or calendar item, either modified or in its entirety, to a new recipient. 2
  6. to forward
    – To move a call to another phone before the call is answered. 2

Conjugations for forward:

  1. forward
  2. forward
  3. forwards
  4. forward
  5. forward
  6. forward
simple past
  1. forwarded
  2. forwarded
  3. forwarded
  4. forwarded
  5. forwarded
  6. forwarded
present perfect
  1. have forwarded
  2. have forwarded
  3. has forwarded
  4. have forwarded
  5. have forwarded
  6. have forwarded
past continuous
  1. was forwarding
  2. were forwarding
  3. was forwarding
  4. were forwarding
  5. were forwarding
  6. were forwarding
  1. shall forward
  2. will forward
  3. will forward
  4. shall forward
  5. will forward
  6. will forward
continuous present
  1. am forwarding
  2. are forwarding
  3. is forwarding
  4. are forwarding
  5. are forwarding
  6. are forwarding
  1. be forwarded
  2. be forwarded
  3. be forwarded
  4. be forwarded
  5. be forwarded
  6. be forwarded
  1. forward!
  2. let's forward!
  3. forwarded
  4. forwarding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

forward [the ~] noun

  1. the forward (striker; attacker)
    el delantero

Translation Matrix for forward:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
delantero attacker; forward; striker
enviar dispatch; shipment
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adelantar el trabajo advance; forward
anticipar advance; forward anticipate; foresee
desviar forward apply; avert; branch; branch off; divert; fend off; field; foil; fork off; keep off; lay off; parry; turn away; ward off
enviar forward; redirect; remit; send; send on; send to capitulate; contribute; decline; discharge; dismiss; dispatch; drop; email; enter; fire; forward on; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; lay off; mail; refuse; reject; release; sack; send; send in; send on; send round; ship; submit; supply; turn down
mandar forward; remit; send; send to aggravate; assign to; be in command of; bid; bring; burden; capitulate; charge; command; commission; contribute; decree; dedicate; deliver; deliver to the door; devote; dictate; direct; discharge; dismiss; dominate; drop; enter; exert power; fire; force; give an order; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; hand over; have the upper hand; instruct; lay off; lead; leave; mail; majorate; ordain; order; predominate; preside; prevail; release; rule; sack; send; send in; ship; supply; take the lead
mandar a forward; remit; send; send to drive to; steer to
reenviar forward; redirect; send on bring back; return; send back
reexpedir forward; redirect; send after; send on forward on; send on
- send on
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- advancing; forward-moving
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ahead; fore; forrad; forrader; forrard; forth; forwards; frontward; frontwards; onward; onwards
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- advanced; along; attacker; dispatch; on; precocious; send; striker
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
a la ida along; forth; forward; onwards
accesible approachable; complaisant; forward; graciously; obliging; pliable; pliant; responsive accessible; achievable; amenable; approachable; driveable; frank; open; realizable; within reach
adelante along; forth; forward; onwards come on; get going; straight ahead; straight on
al frente forward before; in front of
bien criado chivalrous; civil; complaisant; courteous; courtly; forward; mannerly; obliging; pliable; pliant; polite; responsive; well bred; well educated; well-educated; well-mannered
bien educado chivalrous; civil; complaisant; courteous; courtly; forward; mannerly; obliging; pliable; pliant; polite; responsive; well bred; well educated; well-educated; well-mannered chivalrous; civil; clean; courteous; decent; dignified; fair; honest; proper; properly; reputable; respectable; virtuous; well raised; well-mannered; worthy
delantero foregoing; introductory; preceding; preliminary; progressing
progresista advanced; forward; progressive; sophisticated
progresivo advanced; forward; progressive; sophisticated advancing

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Antonyms for "forward":

Related Definitions for "forward":

  1. at or near or directed toward the front1
    • the forward section of the aircraft1
    • a forward plunge down the stairs1
    • forward motion1
  2. of the transmission gear causing forward movement in a motor vehicle1
    • in a forward gear1
  3. used of temperament or behavior; lacking restraint or modesty1
    • a forward child badly in need of discipline1
  4. moving forward1
  5. in a forward direction1
    • they went slowly forward in the mud1
  6. at or to or toward the front1
    • he faced forward1
    • step forward1
  7. toward the future; forward in time1
    • I look forward to seeing you1
  8. forward in time or order or degree1
  9. near or toward the bow of a ship or cockpit of a plane1
    • the captain went fore (or forward) to check the instruments1
  10. a position on a basketball, soccer, or hockey team1
  11. the person who plays the position of forward in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey1
  12. send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit1
    • forward my mail1
  13. To send a received e-mail message or calendar item, either modified or in its entirety, to a new recipient.2
  14. To move a call to another phone before the call is answered.2

Wiktionary Translations for forward:

  1. send (something received) to a third party
  1. towards the front

Cross Translation:
forward delantero StürmerSport: ein Offensivspieler, dessen Hauptaufgabe darin besteht, Tore zu schießen.
forward mandar absenden — Brief, Päckchen oder andere Sendungsarten oder Waren bei einem Logistikunternehmen zwecks Transport an ein Ziel aufgeben
forward anterior antérieur — Qui précède dans l’espace
forward adelante en avant — vers l’avant
forward expedir; despachar; enviar expédier — Se hâter d’exécuter ou de conclure quelque chose.
forward pasado; anterior précédent — Qui précéder, qui est immédiatement avant, en parlant ordinairement par rapport au temps.

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