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Detailed Translations for go back from English to Spanish

go back:

to go back verb (goes back, went back, going back)

  1. to go back (return; turn around)
  2. to go back (revert to; date back to; stem from; )

Conjugations for go back:

  1. go back
  2. go back
  3. goes back
  4. go back
  5. go back
  6. go back
simple past
  1. went back
  2. went back
  3. went back
  4. went back
  5. went back
  6. went back
present perfect
  1. have gone back
  2. have gone back
  3. has gone back
  4. have gone back
  5. have gone back
  6. have gone back
past continuous
  1. was going back
  2. were going back
  3. was going back
  4. were going back
  5. were going back
  6. were going back
  1. shall go back
  2. will go back
  3. will go back
  4. shall go back
  5. will go back
  6. will go back
continuous present
  1. am going back
  2. are going back
  3. is going back
  4. are going back
  5. are going back
  6. are going back
  1. be gone back
  2. be gone back
  3. be gone back
  4. be gone back
  5. be gone back
  6. be gone back
  1. go back!
  2. let's go back!
  3. gone back
  4. going back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go back:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
regresar comebacks; returns
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
basarse en date back to; go back; go back to; go down; return; revert to; stem from be at the bottom of; be based on; be founded on; lie at the bottom of; rest on; underlie
dar la vuelta go back; return; turn around backpedal; backtrack; come back; do an about-turn; return; turn; turn around; turn on one's heels
regresar go back; return; turn around backpedal; backtrack; come back; decline; dismiss; drive back; drop; regress; return; ride back; swing; turn; veer; waining
remontarse a date back to; go back; go back to; go down; return; revert to; stem from
tornar go back; return; turn around revolve; roll; rotate; swing; swing around; turn; turn around; twist; veer; whirl
volver go back; return; turn around avert; come back; dismiss; drop; return; reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist
- date back; date from; recover; recuperate; recur

Synonyms for "go back":

Related Definitions for "go back":

  1. regain a former condition after a financial loss1
  2. return in thought or speech to something1
  3. belong to an earlier time1

Wiktionary Translations for go back:

go back
  1. to return to a place

Cross Translation:
go back dar cuerda remonter — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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