Detailed Translations for insignia from English to Spanish


insignia [the ~] noun

  1. the insignia (badge)
    la insignia
  2. the insignia (badge)
    la moneda; la distinción; la decoración; el distintivo; la insignia; el pasador; la medalla; la condecoración; el penique; la condecoraciones; la insignia de una orden
  3. the insignia (decoration; pin; badge)
    la banderita; la insignia; la decoración; la medalla; la condecoración; la insignia de una orden
  4. the insignia (mark; decoration; badge)
    la marca; la contraseña; la medalla; la distinción; la decoración; la insignia; la condecoración; la condecoraciones; la insignia de una orden

Translation Matrix for insignia:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
banderita badge; decoration; insignia; pin
condecoraciones badge; decoration; insignia; mark
condecoración badge; decoration; insignia; mark; pin badge; decoration; honor; honour; knighthood; medal; order; ribbon
contraseña badge; decoration; insignia; mark code word; password
decoración badge; decoration; insignia; mark; pin adornment; buttonhole; corsage; decor; decoration; drapery; décor; furnishing; furniture; garnishing; home furnishings; mural decoration; ornament; stage decoration; stage setting; wall decoration
distinción badge; decoration; insignia; mark becomingness; candor; candour; civility; decency; definition; detachment; difference; differentiate; distinction; distinction of manner; distinguishing; frankness; gentility; open-heartedness; propriety; respectability; seemliness; stateliness
distintivo badge; insignia badge; differentiate; distinctive; distinctive mark; distinguishing; distinguishing mark; identification mark; identifying mark; mark
insignia badge; decoration; insignia; mark; pin badge; coin; decoration; head-piece; honor; honour; knighthood; medal; order; specie; tail-piece; token; vignette
insignia de una orden badge; decoration; insignia; mark; pin
marca badge; decoration; insignia; mark brand; brand name; control stamp; distinctive mark; distinguishing mark; finish; finishing line; finishing point; flag; hallmark; identification mark; identifying mark; logo; mark; name; quality mark; receipt; record; spot; stain; stigma; trademark
medalla badge; decoration; insignia; mark; pin commemorative coin; commemorative medal; medal; medal of honour
moneda badge; insignia cash; coin; currency; funds; metal; money; penny; specie
pasador badge; insignia bolt; clasp; cotter pin; peg; pin
penique badge; insignia coin; commemorative coin; commemorative medal; specie
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contraseña access code; password
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
distintivo characteristic; differentiated; distinctive; typical

Related Words for "insignia":

  • insignias

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Related Definitions for "insignia":

  1. a badge worn to show official position1

Wiktionary Translations for insignia:

  1. symbol or token of power, status, or offic
  2. a patch or other object that indicates rank or membership