Detailed Translations for jeering from English to Spanish


jeering [the ~] noun

  1. the jeering (scoffing)
    el agravio; el insulto; la excoriación; el remoquetes
  2. the jeering (sneering)
    la afrenta; el ultraje
  3. the jeering (scornful laughter; derision)
    la burla; la burlas; la risa insultante; la risa escarnecedora
  4. the jeering (scoffing; sneering)
    la afrenta

Translation Matrix for jeering:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afrenta jeering; scoffing; sneering
agravio jeering; scoffing backbiting; defamation; gossip; mudslinging; profanity; scandal; scandal-mongering; slander; vilification
burla derision; jeering; scornful laughter derision; irony; jeers; joking; mock; mockery; mocking; obloquy; poke fun at; scoffing; scorn; sneering; sneers; taunt; taunts; travesty
burlas derision; jeering; scornful laughter irony; jeers; mock; mockery; mocking; scoffing; sneering; sneers
excoriación jeering; scoffing abrasion; graze
insulto jeering; scoffing hurt; hurting; hurting someone's feelings; injury; offence; offending; offense
remoquetes jeering; scoffing gibes; sneers; taunts
risa escarnecedora derision; jeering; scornful laughter
risa insultante derision; jeering; scornful laughter
ultraje jeering; sneering irony; jeers; mock; mockery; mocking; scoffing; sneering; sneers
- jeer; mockery; scoff; scoffing
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- derisive; gibelike; mocking; taunting

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Synonyms for "jeering":

Related Definitions for "jeering":

  1. abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule1
    • a jeering crowd1
  2. showing your contempt by derision1

jeering form of jeer:

jeer [the ~] noun

  1. the jeer (gibe; taunt)
    la pulla; el vejamen; el remoque; la indirecta; la vareta; el remoquete

to jeer verb (jeers, jeered, jeering)

  1. to jeer (taunt)
  2. to jeer (sneer at; jibe)

Conjugations for jeer:

  1. jeer
  2. jeer
  3. jeers
  4. jeer
  5. jeer
  6. jeer
simple past
  1. jeered
  2. jeered
  3. jeered
  4. jeered
  5. jeered
  6. jeered
present perfect
  1. have jeered
  2. have jeered
  3. has jeered
  4. have jeered
  5. have jeered
  6. have jeered
past continuous
  1. was jeering
  2. were jeering
  3. was jeering
  4. were jeering
  5. were jeering
  6. were jeering
  1. shall jeer
  2. will jeer
  3. will jeer
  4. shall jeer
  5. will jeer
  6. will jeer
continuous present
  1. am jeering
  2. are jeering
  3. is jeering
  4. are jeering
  5. are jeering
  6. are jeering
  1. be jeered
  2. be jeered
  3. be jeered
  4. be jeered
  5. be jeered
  6. be jeered
  1. jeer!
  2. let's jeer!
  3. jeered
  4. jeering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for jeer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indirecta gibe; jeer; taunt
insultar falling out with; snapping; snubbing
pulla gibe; jeer; taunt acrimony; malice; maliciousness; sarcasm; scorn; scornful tone; spiteful remark; spitefulness
remoque gibe; jeer; taunt
remoquete gibe; jeer; taunt
vareta gibe; jeer; taunt
vejamen gibe; jeer; taunt agony; pain; torment; torture
- jeering; mockery; scoff; scoffing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agraviar jeer; taunt abuse; aggrieve; assault; call names; coerce; compel; defamate; force; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; jeer at; load; make heavier; oblige; offend; scoff at; slander; taunt; use force; weight
burlarse jeer; jibe; sneer at badger; banter; be a nuisance; cheat; commit foolery; do something silly; gull; jape; jest; joke; make a fool of; make fun of; pester; play a joke; play a trick; poke fun at; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; spoof; taunt; trick
insultar jeer; taunt abuse; bawl; call names; call someone names; curse; defamate; grumble; jeer at; rage; scoff at; slander; storm; swear; taunt
mofarse jeer; jibe; sneer at make a fool of; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; taunt
- barrack; flout; gibe; scoff

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Synonyms for "jeer":

Related Definitions for "jeer":

  1. showing your contempt by derision1
  2. laugh at with contempt and derision1
    • The crowd jeered at the speaker1

Wiktionary Translations for jeer:

  1. to scoff or mock
  1. railing remark or reflection; scoff; taunt; biting jest; flout; jibe; mockery

Cross Translation:
jeer insultar; injuriar schimpen — honend afgeven op
jeer ultrajar; afrentar; agraviar; ofender; injuriar; denostar; insultar beschimpen — met scheldwoorden overladen
jeer burlar; chasquear; mofarse; escarnecer bafouertraiter quelqu’un ou quelque chose avec une moquerie outrageante ou dédaigneux.