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Detailed Translations for lesson from English to Spanish


lesson [the ~] noun

  1. the lesson (lesson hour; course; class)
    la lección; la clase; el cursillo; la hora; el estudios; el curso; la hora de clase; el aula
  2. the lesson (instruction; course; education; )
    la educación; la clase; la enseñanza
  3. the lesson (tuition; instruction)
    la lección; la clase; la educación; el comando; la instrucción; la comisión

Translation Matrix for lesson:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aula class; course; lesson; lesson hour class; classroom; lecture hall; lecture room; subject room
clase class; course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; lesson hour; teaching; tuition category; class; classification; classroom; college; course; curriculum; educational programme; genre; grade; group; kind; lecture; lecture hall; lecture room; object class; party; position; school year; social class; social group; social position; sort; style; subject room; type
comando instruction; lesson; tuition army order; assignment; command; cue; instruction; motto; order; parole; shibboleth
comisión instruction; lesson; tuition assignment; brokerage; brokerage fee; command; commission; committee; cue; instruction; motto; order; parole; shibboleth
cursillo class; course; lesson; lesson hour course; study
curso class; course; lesson; lesson hour class; course; study
educación course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition civility; college; correctness; cultivation; decency; development; drill; drilling; education; evolvement; exactitude; exercise; politeness; practice; practise; qualification; rightness; schooling; teaching; training; upbringing; urban character; urbanity
enseñanza course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition assignment; command; cue; education; instruction; motto; order; parole; schooling; shibboleth; teaching; training; upbringing
estudios class; course; lesson; lesson hour course; drill; exercise; experience; practice; practise; routine; skill; studies; studio; study; studying; training
hora class; course; lesson; lesson hour age; date; epoch; era; hour; moment; period; time
hora de clase class; course; lesson; lesson hour class; hour
instrucción instruction; lesson; tuition action statement; army order; assignment; briefing; college; command; cue; drilling; education; guidebook; handbook; instruction; instruction book; judicial inquiry; judicial investigation; manual; motto; order; parole; prescription; qualification; recommendation; regulation; schooling; shibboleth; statement; teaching; training
lección class; course; instruction; lesson; lesson hour; tuition class; course; curriculum; educational programme; lecture
- deterrent example; example; moral; object lesson; subject
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
comando command
- school lesson
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- hour; period
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
curso course; lapse

Related Words for "lesson":

  • lessons

Synonyms for "lesson":

Related Definitions for "lesson":

  1. a task assigned for individual study1
    • he did the lesson for today1
  2. a unit of instruction1
    • he took driving lessons1
  3. the significance of a story or event1
  4. punishment intended as a warning to others1

Wiktionary Translations for lesson:

  1. -
  2. section of learning or teaching

Cross Translation:
lesson lección les — onderricht gedurende een korte tijd
lesson lección leçon — éduc|fr enseignement que l’on donne, ordinairement dans une classe et du haut d’une chaire, à ceux qui vouloir apprendre quelque science, quelque langue.

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