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Detailed Translations for masculine from English to Spanish


masculine adj

  1. masculine (male; virile)

Translation Matrix for masculine:

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- masculine noun
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masculino male; masculine; virile
potente male; masculine; virile effective; fierce; heavy; intense; morally strong; muscular; potent; powerful; robust; solid; stout; strapping; strong; sturdy; vehement; vigorous; violent; well built

Synonyms for "masculine":

Antonyms for "masculine":

Related Definitions for "masculine":

  1. associated with men and not with women1
  2. of grammatical gender1
  3. (music or poetry) ending on an accented beat or syllable1
    • a masculine cadence1
    • the masculine rhyme of `annoy, enjoy'1
  4. a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to males or to objects classified as male1

Wiktionary Translations for masculine:

  1. grammar: being of the masculine class, being inflected in the masculine manner
  2. having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate
  3. of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly
  4. belonging to males; appropriated to, or used by, males

Cross Translation:
masculine masculina; masculino mannelijk — behorend tot het mannelijke woordgeslacht
masculine masculina; masculino mannelijk — tot geslacht behorend dat voor bevruchting zorgt
masculine masculino maskulinkeine Steigerung: ein grammatisches Geschlecht
masculine masculino männlichLinguistik, speziell Grammatik, nicht steigerbar: eines der drei Geschlechter der deutschen und vieler indoeuropäischer Sprachen
masculine masculino masculin — biologie|fr Qui est de sexe mâle, qui a rapport à ce sexe.