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  1. melt away:


Detailed Translations for melt away from English to Spanish

melt away:

to melt away verb (melts away, melted away, melting away)

  1. to melt away (dissolve)
  2. to melt away (melt down; smelt; dissolve)

Conjugations for melt away:

  1. melt away
  2. melt away
  3. melts away
  4. melt away
  5. melt away
  6. melt away
simple past
  1. melted away
  2. melted away
  3. melted away
  4. melted away
  5. melted away
  6. melted away
present perfect
  1. have melted away
  2. have melted away
  3. has melted away
  4. have melted away
  5. have melted away
  6. have melted away
past continuous
  1. was melting away
  2. were melting away
  3. was melting away
  4. were melting away
  5. were melting away
  6. were melting away
  1. shall melt away
  2. will melt away
  3. will melt away
  4. shall melt away
  5. will melt away
  6. will melt away
continuous present
  1. am melting away
  2. are melting away
  3. is melting away
  4. are melting away
  5. are melting away
  6. are melting away
  1. be melted away
  2. be melted away
  3. be melted away
  4. be melted away
  5. be melted away
  6. be melted away
  1. melt away!
  2. let's melt away!
  3. melted away
  4. melting away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for melt away:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
descomponer demolition; destruction
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
derretirse dissolve; melt away; melt down; smelt
descomponer dissolve; melt away analyse; analyze; anatomise; anatomize; develop; dismantle; dissect; expose; lay bare; pay for; pay off; pull down; reclaim; take apart; uncover
disolver dissolve; melt away break up; discharge; disentangle; dismiss; disperse; dissipate; dissolve; drop; fire; lay off; release; sack; scatter; solve; unbutton; unravel; unriddle; untie
disolverse dissolve; melt away break up; disperse; dissipate; dissolve; scatter; solve; unravel
fundirse dissolve; melt away; melt down; smelt collapse
rescindir dissolve; melt away

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