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Detailed Translations for nocturnal from English to Spanish


nocturnal adj

  1. nocturnal

Translation Matrix for nocturnal:

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nocturno nocturnal

Related Words for "nocturnal":

  • nocturnally

Synonyms for "nocturnal":

Antonyms for "nocturnal":

  • diurnal

Related Definitions for "nocturnal":

  1. belonging to or active during the night1
    • nocturnal animals are active at night1
    • nocturnal plants have flowers that open at night and close by day1
  2. of or relating to or occurring in the night1
    • nocturnal darkness1

Wiktionary Translations for nocturnal:

  1. primarily active during the night

Cross Translation:
nocturnal nocturlabio nocturlabe — Instrument permettant de déterminer l'heure la nuit à partir de la position de l'étoile polaire par rapport aux pôles.
nocturnal nocturno nocturne — Qui avoir lieu ou qui arriver durant la nuit.