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Detailed Translations for paradox from English to Spanish


paradox [the ~] noun

  1. the paradox (absurdity; incongruity)
    la incongruencia; la necedad; la irracionalidad; la locura; la estupidez; la idiotez; la estulticia; la chaladura; la chifladura

Translation Matrix for paradox:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chaladura absurdity; incongruity; paradox
chifladura absurdity; incongruity; paradox craziness; derangement; derangement of mind; idiocy; inanity; insanity; lunacy; madness; mental derangement; mental disorder; mental disturbance; mental illness
estulticia absurdity; incongruity; paradox foolishness; madness
estupidez absurdity; incongruity; paradox backwardness; blooper; blunder; deaf-muteness; dullness; enormity; feebleness; folly; foolishness; frailty; idiocy; inanity; inconsiderateness; lunacy; madness; mental illness; naïvete; preposterousness; rashness; retardation; rubbish; silliness; slackness; stupidity; thougtlessness; trivial; vapidity; weakness
idiotez absurdity; incongruity; paradox idiocy; idiotism; inanity; lunacy; senility
incongruencia absurdity; incongruity; paradox
irracionalidad absurdity; incongruity; paradox irrationality; unreasonableness
locura absurdity; incongruity; paradox banter; craziness; delirium; derangement; derangement of mind; ecstasy; folly; foolishness; frenzy; fun; high jinks; hilarity; hysteria; idiocy; inanity; infatuation; insanity; joke; joking; joy; joyfulness; lunacy; madness; mental derangement; mental disorder; mental disturbance; mental illness; merriment; mirth; nonsense; pleasure; prank; shenanigan; silliness; silly trick; stupidity; trick
necedad absurdity; incongruity; paradox inconsiderateness; rashness; silly joke; thougtlessness

Related Words for "paradox":

  • paradoxes

Synonyms for "paradox":

Related Definitions for "paradox":

  1. (logic) a statement that contradicts itself1
    • `I always lie' is a paradox because if it is true it must be false1

Wiktionary Translations for paradox:

  1. an apparent contradiction which is nonetheless true (jump)
  2. in logic: a self-contradictory statement (jump)

Cross Translation:
paradox paradoja Paradoxon — ein Widerspruch in sich; ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit
paradox paradoja paradoxe — Proposition contraire à l'opinion commune