Detailed Translations for reverie from English to Spanish


reverie [the ~] noun

  1. the reverie (musing; day-dreaming)
    la cavilaciones
  2. the reverie (daydream; pipe dream)
    el sueño del día; la fantasía
  3. the reverie (musing; daydreaming)
    la reflexión; la reflexiones; la meditaciones; la meditación
  4. the reverie (brooding; deep-thinking)
    el preocuparse; la meditaciones

Translation Matrix for reverie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cavilaciones day-dreaming; musing; reverie worry
fantasía daydream; pipe dream; reverie castle in the air; chimera; delusion; erroneous idea; fabrication; fallacy; fantasm; fantasy; fata morgana; figment of the imagination; hallucination; illusion; imagination; magic; magic power; mirage; phantasm; phantasy; pie in the sky; pipe dream; wrong notion
meditaciones brooding; daydreaming; deep-thinking; musing; reverie consideration; considered opinion; daydreaming; meditation; musing; observation; reflection; thought
meditación daydreaming; musing; reverie contemplation; daydreaming; meditation; musing; pondering; reflection; thought
preocuparse brooding; deep-thinking; reverie
reflexiones daydreaming; musing; reverie drudgery; reflections; toiling; troubling; worry; worrying
reflexión daydreaming; musing; reverie consideration; considered opinion; contemplation; daydreaming; deliberation; ground; image; meditation; musing; pondering; reflection; reflexion; repentance; sense; think it over; thought
sueño del día daydream; pipe dream; reverie
- air castle; castle in Spain; castle in the air; daydream; daydreaming; oneirism; revery
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
preocuparse alarm; be worried; care for; to worry; worry about

Synonyms for "reverie":

Related Definitions for "reverie":

  1. an abstracted state of absorption1
  2. absentminded dreaming while awake1

Wiktionary Translations for reverie:

  1. state of dreaming while awake