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Detailed Translations for sacred from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for sacred:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
santo holy person; pious person; saint
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- consecrated; hallowed; sanctified
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consagrado consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct God-fearing; devout; pious; religious; spiritual
dedicado consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct God-fearing; assiduous; committed; dedicated; devoted; devout; diligent; godly; pious; religious; reverent; spiritual; zeal
sacro consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct
sagrado consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct God-fearing; devout; pious; religious; spiritual
san consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct
santo consecrated; holy; sacred; sacrosanct

Related Words for "sacred":

  • sacredness, sacredly

Synonyms for "sacred":

Antonyms for "sacred":

Related Definitions for "sacred":

  1. (often followed by `to') devoted exclusively to a single use or purpose or person1
    • a fund sacred to charity1
    • a morning hour sacred to study1
    • a private office sacred to the President1
  2. made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use1
    • the sacred mosque1
    • sacred elephants1
    • sacred bread and wine1
  3. worthy of religious veneration1
    • the sacred name of Jesus1
  4. concerned with religion or religious purposes1
    • sacred texts1
    • sacred rites1
    • sacred music1
  5. worthy of respect or dedication1
    • saw motherhood as woman's sacred calling1

Wiktionary Translations for sacred:

  1. made holy

Cross Translation:
sacred sacrosanto; santo; sagrado heilig — door wijding aan het goddelijke bijzonder gemaakt
sacred santo; sagrado; sacro heiliggöttlich, verehrenswürdig, sehr fromm, geweiht
sacred santo; sagrado sacré — (religion) Qui concerner la religion, qui a pour objet le culte de Dieu ou des dieux.
sacred santo; sagrado saintpur, souverainement parfait et bienheureux.

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