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Detailed Translations for sanctify from English to Spanish


sanctify verb

  1. sanctify (consecrate; bless)

Translation Matrix for sanctify:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consagrar bless; consecrate; sanctify
inaugurar bless; consecrate; sanctify begin; bring up; broach; broach a subject; cut into; herald; inaugurate; initiate; instal; install; introduce; open; put forward; put on the table; ring in; start
santificar bless; consecrate; sanctify
- bless; consecrate; hallow; purge; purify

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Synonyms for "sanctify":

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Related Definitions for "sanctify":

  1. make pure or free from sin or guilt1
  2. render holy by means of religious rites1

Wiktionary Translations for sanctify:

  1. to make holy
  2. to purify
  3. to endorse

Cross Translation:
sanctify santificar sanctifierrendre saint.