Detailed Translations for satisfaction from English to Spanish


satisfaction [the ~] noun

  1. the satisfaction (contentment)
    la satisfacción; la suficiencia
  2. the satisfaction (contentment)
    el placer; el gusto
  3. the satisfaction (contentment)
    la satisfacción; la complacencia
  4. the satisfaction (gratification; appeasement; sufficiency)
    el contentamiento; el contento
  5. the satisfaction (content)
    el contentamiento; la satisfacción
  6. the satisfaction
    la satisfacción; la indemnización; la compensación; la indemnidad
  7. the satisfaction
    la satisfacción; la simpatía
  8. the satisfaction (complacency; pleasure)
    la ventura; el gusto; el placer; la felicidad; el bienestar; la fortuna; la euforia

Translation Matrix for satisfaction:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bienestar complacency; pleasure; satisfaction affluence; be satisfied with; euphoria; good health; happiness; health; healthiness; prosperity; success; wealth; welfare; well-being
compensación satisfaction allowance; amends; compensation; favour in return; fee; income; indemnification; indemnity; pay; payment; quid pro quo; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution; return; salary; service in return; wage; wages
complacencia contentment; satisfaction act of courtesy; affability; amiability; beneficence; benevolence; benign character; charitable institution; charity; clemency; complaisance; compliance; compliantness; consideration; courtesy; forbearance; good-nature; goodness; helpfulness; indulgence; kind-heartedness; kindness; leniency; mercy; mildness; philanthropy; pliability; readiness; readiness to help; well-doing; willingness; willingness to help
contentamiento appeasement; content; gratification; satisfaction; sufficiency
contento appeasement; gratification; satisfaction; sufficiency brightfulness; cheerfulness; good spirits; happiness; joy; joyfulness; lightheartedness; merriment; mirth; pleasure; revelry
euforia complacency; pleasure; satisfaction brightfulness; carousing; cheerfulness; delight; ecstasy; effusiveness; enthusiasm; exuberance; fun; good spirits; happiness; high spirits; joy; joyfulness; lightheartedness; merriment; mirth; pleasure; rapture; ravishment; revelry; roistering
felicidad complacency; pleasure; satisfaction be happy; benediction; blessedness; blessing; bliss; boon; deliciousness; glory; happiness; joy; luck; magnificence; well-being
fortuna complacency; pleasure; satisfaction ability; be happy; beloved; candy; capability; capacity; chance; darling; dear; dearest; deary; fortunate; fortune; good luck; honey; love; luck; peach; quality; sugar; sweet; sweetest; sweetheart; sweetie; treasure; windfall
gusto complacency; contentment; pleasure; satisfaction amusement; ardor; ardour; banter; be satisfied with; brightfulness; cheerfulness; choice; craze; decency; delight; desire; fancy; folly; frenzy; fun; good spirits; happiness; high jinks; hilarity; hobby; joking; joy; joyfulness; lightheartedness; liking; little gift; little present; lunacy; lust; madness; merriment; mirth; neatness; nonsense; orderliness; passion; pastime; pet subject; pleasure; preference; pun; rankness; revelry; sexual desire; silliness; taste; tidiness; urge; waggery
indemnidad satisfaction indemnification; indemnity
indemnización satisfaction amends; atonement; claim settlement; compensation; indemnification; indemnity; penance; reimbursements; settlement of a claim; smart-money
placer complacency; contentment; pleasure; satisfaction amusement; be satisfied with; brightfulness; cheerfulness; delight; enjoyment; folly; fun; good spirits; happiness; high jinks; hilarity; joking; joy; joyfulness; lightheartedness; lunacy; lust; madness; merriment; mirth; nonsense; passion; pleasure; pun; revelry; silliness
satisfacción content; contentment; satisfaction amusement; atonement; be satisfied with; delight; fun; joy; lust; passion; penance; pleasure; settlement; well-being
simpatía satisfaction affection; amiability; amicableness; benign character; charm; fondness; friendliness; geniality; goodness; goodwill; heartiness; inclination; kind-heartedness; kindness; loveliness; mildness; sympathy; tenderness
suficiencia contentment; satisfaction arrogance; bombast; cockiness; conceit; conceitedness; haughtiness; pretension; self complacency; self-complacency; self-conceit; self-importance; self-satisfaction
ventura complacency; pleasure; satisfaction
- atonement; expiation; gratification
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contento beneficial; cheerful; contented; delighted; exultant; feeling fortunate; fortunate; fullfilled; gay; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; happy; jubilant; lucky; merry; pleased; satiated; satisfied

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Related Definitions for "satisfaction":

  1. act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite1
    • the satisfaction of their demand for better services1
  2. the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation1
    • the chef tasted the sauce with great satisfaction1
  3. compensation for a wrong1
    • we were unable to get satisfaction from the local store1
  4. (law) the payment of a debt or fulfillment of an obligation1
    • the full and final satisfaction of the claim1
  5. state of being gratified or satisfied1

Wiktionary Translations for satisfaction:

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Cross Translation:
satisfaction satisfacción tevredenheid — het gevoel genoeg te hebben en voldaan te zijn
satisfaction satisfacción Zufriedenheit — das froh mit einer Situation oder einem Umstand
satisfaction satisfacción contentement — État de celui qui est content, satisfait.
satisfaction satisfacción satisfaction — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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