Detailed Translations for shame from English to Spanish


shame adj

  1. shame (sin)

shame [the ~] noun

  1. the shame (sense of shame)
    la vergüenza; el pudor
  2. the shame (scandal; disgrace; infamy; ignominy)
    el escándalo; la vergüenza; la deshonra; el deshonor; el oprobio; la ignominia
  3. the shame (disgrace)
    el escándalo

to shame verb (shames, shamed, shaming)

  1. to shame (be ashamed; feel ashamed of)

Conjugations for shame:

  1. shame
  2. shame
  3. shames
  4. shame
  5. shame
  6. shame
simple past
  1. shamed
  2. shamed
  3. shamed
  4. shamed
  5. shamed
  6. shamed
present perfect
  1. have shamed
  2. have shamed
  3. has shamed
  4. have shamed
  5. have shamed
  6. have shamed
past continuous
  1. was shaming
  2. were shaming
  3. was shaming
  4. were shaming
  5. were shaming
  6. were shaming
  1. shall shame
  2. will shame
  3. will shame
  4. shall shame
  5. will shame
  6. will shame
continuous present
  1. am shaming
  2. are shaming
  3. is shaming
  4. are shaming
  5. are shaming
  6. are shaming
  1. be shamed
  2. be shamed
  3. be shamed
  4. be shamed
  5. be shamed
  6. be shamed
  1. shame!
  2. let's shame!
  3. shamed
  4. shaming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for shame:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deshonor disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame cut; degradation; disgracement; dishonering; salary cut
deshonra disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame blame; cut; degradation; disgracement; dishonering; fault; mark of infamy; reproach; salary cut; stain; stigma
escándalo disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame cabal; caboodle; chaos; clamor; clamour; din; fuss; hash; hubbub; hullabaloo; mayhem; mess; muddle; noise; racket; row; rumpus; scandalous behaviour; sound; tumult; tumultuousness; uproar
ignominia disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame ignominy; infamy; scandalous deed; shameful act
lástima compassion; compassionnateness; pitifulness; pity
oprobio disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame mark of infamy; stain; stigma
pudor sense of shame; shame chastity; immaculacy; innocence; purity
vergüenza disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; sense of shame; shame abasement; debasement; degradation; demotion; disrating; humiliation; lowering; mortification; reduction
- disgrace; ignominy; pity
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avergonzarse be ashamed; feel ashamed of; shame be embarrassed; be shy; blush; feel ill at ease; flush; glow; turn red
avergonzarse de be ashamed; feel ashamed of; shame
sentir vergüenza be ashamed; feel ashamed of; shame be embarrassed; be shy; feel ill at ease
- attaint; disgrace; dishonor; dishonour
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lástima shame; sin inadequate; insufficient; pityful; regretful; unsatisfactory

Related Words for "shame":

  • shames

Synonyms for "shame":

Antonyms for "shame":

Related Definitions for "shame":

  1. an unfortunate development1
  2. a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt1
  3. a state of dishonor1
    • one mistake brought shame to all his family1
  4. surpass or beat by a wide margin1
  5. cause to be ashamed1
  6. compel through a sense of shame1
    • She shamed him into making amends1
  7. bring shame or dishonor upon1

Wiktionary Translations for shame:

  1. uncomfortable or painful feeling
  2. something to regret
  1. to cause to feel shame

Cross Translation:
shame vergüenza schaamte — eerste betekenisomschrijving
shame vergüenza Scham — angstbesetztes Empfinden, das meist durch eigenes und von anderen beobachtbares Fehlverhalten ausgelöst wird, durch das man deren Achtung zu verlieren droht
shame vergüenza Schande — eine Sache, die jemandem in seinem Ansehen stark schadet
shame vergüenza honte — désuet|fr déshonneur, opprobre, humiliation (ce qui est le sens étymologique et ancien).

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