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Detailed Translations for sleeve from English to Spanish


sleeve [the ~] noun

  1. the sleeve (kraut)
    la manga
  2. the sleeve (record sleeve; slip case; cover; slip cover)
    la funda de disco

Translation Matrix for sleeve:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
funda de disco cover; record sleeve; sleeve; slip case; slip cover
manga kraut; sleeve broad shoulderedness; broadness; landing-net
- arm

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Synonyms for "sleeve":

Related Definitions for "sleeve":

  1. the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm1
  2. small case into which an object fits1

Wiktionary Translations for sleeve:

  1. part of a garment that covers the arm
  2. mechanical covering or lining
  1. to fit a sleeve to

Cross Translation:
sleeve manga mouw — dat deel van een kledingstuk dat de armen omvat
sleeve manguilla; manga Ärmel — der Teil eines Kleidungsstücks, der den Arm bedeckt
sleeve manga manche — vête|fr Partie du vêtement, de forme et de dimension variable, dans laquelle on passe le bras et qui le recouvre en totalité ou en partie.

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