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Detailed Translations for sob from English to Spanish


sob [the ~] noun

  1. the sob (whine)
    el llanto; el lloros; el sollozo; el lloriqueo

to sob verb (sobs, sobbed, sobbing)

  1. to sob (weep; cry; wail; blubber; whimper)
  2. to sob (gasp)

Conjugations for sob:

  1. sob
  2. sob
  3. sobs
  4. sob
  5. sob
  6. sob
simple past
  1. sobbed
  2. sobbed
  3. sobbed
  4. sobbed
  5. sobbed
  6. sobbed
present perfect
  1. have sobbed
  2. have sobbed
  3. has sobbed
  4. have sobbed
  5. have sobbed
  6. have sobbed
past continuous
  1. was sobbing
  2. were sobbing
  3. was sobbing
  4. were sobbing
  5. were sobbing
  6. were sobbing
  1. shall sob
  2. will sob
  3. will sob
  4. shall sob
  5. will sob
  6. will sob
continuous present
  1. am sobbing
  2. are sobbing
  3. is sobbing
  4. are sobbing
  5. are sobbing
  6. are sobbing
  1. be sobbed
  2. be sobbed
  3. be sobbed
  4. be sobbed
  5. be sobbed
  6. be sobbed
  1. sob!
  2. let's sob!
  3. sobbed
  4. sobbing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sob:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
llanto sob; whine complaint; crying; howling; lamentations; lamenting; moaning; objection; opposition; resistance; sobbing; wailing; whimpering; whining; yelping
lloriqueo sob; whine chirp; chirrup; crying; howling; lamentation; lamentations; lamenting; moaning; peeping; sobbing; squeaking; twitter; wailing; whimpering; whining; yelping
lloros sob; whine lamentation
sollozo sob; whine sobbing
- sobbing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aullar blubber; cry; sob; wail; weep; whimper blubber; boo; call; cry; howl; let on; roar; scream; screech; shout; shriek; sniff; sniffle; snivel; squawk; squeal; tell tales; whimper; whine; yell
plañir blubber; cry; sob; wail; weep; whimper lament; snivel
sollozar gasp; sob blubber; cry; sniff; sniffle; snivel; whimper; whine

Related Words for "sob":

  • sobs

Synonyms for "sob":

Related Definitions for "sob":

  1. convulsive gasp made while weeping1
  2. weep convulsively1
    • He was sobbing inconsolably1

Wiktionary Translations for sob:

  1. a cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath
  1. weep with convulsive gasps

Cross Translation:
sob sollozar sangloterpousser des sanglots.

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