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Detailed Translations for stigma from English to Spanish


stigma [the ~] noun

  1. the stigma (brand)
    el estigma; la marca; el hierro
  2. the stigma (mark of infamy; stain)
    el deshonra; el oprobio; la oveja negra

Translation Matrix for stigma:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deshonra mark of infamy; stain; stigma blame; cut; degradation; disgrace; disgracement; dishonering; fault; ignominy; infamy; reproach; salary cut; scandal; shame
estigma brand; stigma brand; guarantee; identification mark; imprint; seal; security; stamp; warrant; wax seal; wax stamp
hierro brand; stigma brand; example; iron; sample; steel
marca brand; stigma badge; brand; brand name; control stamp; decoration; distinctive mark; distinguishing mark; finish; finishing line; finishing point; flag; hallmark; identification mark; identifying mark; insignia; logo; mark; name; quality mark; receipt; record; spot; stain; trademark
oprobio mark of infamy; stain; stigma disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame
oveja negra mark of infamy; stain; stigma black sheep
- brand; mark; stain

Related Words for "stigma":

Synonyms for "stigma":

Related Definitions for "stigma":

  1. a skin lesion that is a diagnostic sign of some disease1
  2. an external tracheal aperture in a terrestrial arthropod1
  3. a symbol of disgrace or infamy1
  4. the apical end of the style where deposited pollen enters the pistil1

Wiktionary Translations for stigma:

  1. mark of infamy
  2. scar or birthmark
  3. part of the pistil

Cross Translation:
stigma estigma NarbeBotanik: Pollen empfangender Teil des Griffels
stigma estigma Stigma — auffälliges, mitunter negativ bewertetes Merkmal, genauer
stigma trompa trompe — Trompe d’animal