Detailed Translations for stupidity from English to Spanish


stupidity [the ~] noun

  1. the stupidity (vapidity; dullness)
    la estupidez; la futilidad; la majadería; la insignificancia
  2. the stupidity (madness; foolishness)
    la tontería; la picardía; la bribonada
  3. the stupidity (folly; infatuation)
    el atontamiento; la locura; el aturdimiento; el atolondramiento

Translation Matrix for stupidity:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atolondramiento folly; infatuation; stupidity being absent-minded; recklessness
atontamiento folly; infatuation; stupidity mouldiness; mustiness; stuffiness
aturdimiento folly; infatuation; stupidity astonishment; being dumbfounded; being speechless; confusion; disorder; numbness; perplexedness; speechlessness; standing agape; stay speechless; stupor
bribonada foolishness; madness; stupidity boyish prank; mischief; monkey trick; practical joke; prank; roguish trick
estupidez dullness; stupidity; vapidity absurdity; backwardness; blooper; blunder; deaf-muteness; dullness; enormity; feebleness; folly; foolishness; frailty; idiocy; inanity; incongruity; inconsiderateness; lunacy; madness; mental illness; naïvete; paradox; preposterousness; rashness; retardation; rubbish; silliness; slackness; thougtlessness; trivial; vapidity; weakness
futilidad dullness; stupidity; vapidity a piece of cake; bagatelle; child's play; dullness; futility; small affair; small matter; small thing; something unimportant; trifle; vapidity
insignificancia dullness; stupidity; vapidity ballyhoo; deaf-muteness; dime novel; dullness; foolishness; fuss; futility; inanity; invalidity; it was nothing; light novel; little bit; naïvete; nullity; penny dreadful; scanty garment; silliness; small affair; small matter; small thing; something unimportant; trifle; vapidity; yellowback
locura folly; infatuation; stupidity absurdity; banter; craziness; delirium; derangement; derangement of mind; ecstasy; folly; foolishness; frenzy; fun; high jinks; hilarity; hysteria; idiocy; inanity; incongruity; insanity; joke; joking; joy; joyfulness; lunacy; madness; mental derangement; mental disorder; mental disturbance; mental illness; merriment; mirth; nonsense; paradox; pleasure; prank; shenanigan; silliness; silly trick; trick
majadería dullness; stupidity; vapidity beefing; bleating; caper; inconsiderateness; rashness; silly joke; thougtlessness
picardía foolishness; madness; stupidity boyish prank; impishness; mischief; monkey trick; naughtiness; practical joke; prank; roguishness
tontería foolishness; madness; stupidity a piece of cake; backwardness; bagatelle; banter; child's play; dullness; folly; frenzy; fury; futility; idiocy; inconsiderateness; jerkin; mental illness; nonsense; preposterousness; rage; rashness; retardation; rubbish; sheepishness; silliness; silly joke; small affair; small matter; small thing; something unimportant; staggers; tattle; thougtlessness; trifle; vapidity
- betise; folly; foolishness; imbecility
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- silliness

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  • stupidities

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Related Definitions for "stupidity":

  1. a stupid mistake1
  2. a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience1

Wiktionary Translations for stupidity:

  1. property of being stupid

Cross Translation:
stupidity tontería; estupidez; necedad stupiditeit — onverstandigheid, onverstandige/ondoordachte daad
stupidity tontería; estupidez; necedad stommiteit — een bijzonder onverstandige daad
stupidity ignorancia; estupidez; necedad Dummheit — mangelnde geistige Fähigkeit
stupidity estupidez stupiditépesanteur d’esprit, privation d’esprit et de jugement.