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Detailed Translations for sultry from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for sultry:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- sensual; stifling; sulfurous; sulphurous
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bochornoso muggy; stuffy; sultry; sweltering dawdling; dragging; drained; drooping; inactive; indolent; inert; languid; lazy; limp; lingering; listless; passive; shuffling; slow; slow of understanding; sluggish; tardy; washed out
enrarecido close; muggy; musty; stale; stifling; stuffy; sultry; sweltering meager; meagre; puny; rare; rarefied; skinny; teneous; thin
mal ventilado muggy; stuffy; sultry; sweltering dusty; fuggy; fusty; musty; stale; stuffy
sensual muggy; stuffy; sultry; sweltering erotic; erotical; excited; exciting; heated; horny; hot; lascivious; lecherous; lewd; randy; salacious; sense; senses stimulating; sensorial; sensory; sensual; titillating
sofocante muggy; stuffy; sultry; sweltering dull; dusty; fuggy; fusty; musty; stale; stifling; stuffy; suffocating

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Synonyms for "sultry":

Related Definitions for "sultry":

  1. characterized by oppressive heat and humidity1
    • the summer was sultry and oppressive1
  2. sexually exciting or gratifying1
    • a sultry look1
    • a sultry dance1

Wiktionary Translations for sultry:

  1. hot and humid
  2. very hot and dry
  3. sexually enthralling

Cross Translation:
sultry sofocante; bochornoso zwoel — vochtig warm, drukkend, benauwd
sultry sensual zwoel — zinnelijk, erotisch sensueel
sultry oprimido; sofocante étouffant — Qui faire que l’on étouffer.

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