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Detailed Translations for thrift from English to Spanish


thrift [the ~] noun

  1. the thrift (frugality)
    el ahorro; la escasez; la parquedad

Translation Matrix for thrift:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ahorro frugality; thrift being economical; cost reduction; curtailment; cut; cut back in costs; cut down expenses; decrease; diminution; dwindling; economy; finance management; foreshortening; market; recess; reduction; retrenchment; salary cut; saving; savings; shortening; slackening
escasez frugality; thrift curiosity; deficiency; famine; fruitlessness; infertility; lack; meagerness; meagreness; needyness; parsimony; paucity; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; slenderness; tightness; want
parquedad frugality; thrift famine; frugality; meagerness; meagreness; needyness; parsimony; paucity; plainness; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; simpleness; simplicity; slenderness; sobriety; tightness
- parsimoniousness; parsimony; penny-pinching

Related Words for "thrift":

  • thrifts

Synonyms for "thrift":

Related Definitions for "thrift":

  1. extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily1
  2. any of numerous sun-loving low-growing evergreens of the genus Armeria having round heads of pink or white flowers1

Wiktionary Translations for thrift:

  1. characteristic of using a minimum of something
  2. savings bank