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  1. wipe away:


Detailed Translations for wipe away from English to Spanish

wipe away:

to wipe away verb (wipes away, wiped away, wiping away)

  1. to wipe away (sweep away; brush away; sweep along)

Conjugations for wipe away:

  1. wipe away
  2. wipe away
  3. wipes away
  4. wipe away
  5. wipe away
  6. wipe away
simple past
  1. wiped away
  2. wiped away
  3. wiped away
  4. wiped away
  5. wiped away
  6. wiped away
present perfect
  1. have wiped away
  2. have wiped away
  3. has wiped away
  4. have wiped away
  5. have wiped away
  6. have wiped away
past continuous
  1. was wiping away
  2. were wiping away
  3. was wiping away
  4. were wiping away
  5. were wiping away
  6. were wiping away
  1. shall wipe away
  2. will wipe away
  3. will wipe away
  4. shall wipe away
  5. will wipe away
  6. will wipe away
continuous present
  1. am wiping away
  2. are wiping away
  3. is wiping away
  4. are wiping away
  5. are wiping away
  6. are wiping away
  1. be wiped away
  2. be wiped away
  3. be wiped away
  4. be wiped away
  5. be wiped away
  6. be wiped away
  1. wipe away!
  2. let's wipe away!
  3. wiped away
  4. wiping away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wipe away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barbechar brush away; sweep along; sweep away; wipe away
barrer brush away; sweep along; sweep away; wipe away blot out; brush clean; delete; direct; eliminate; erase; guide; lead; point the direction; rub out; sweep; sweep away; sweep up; wipe; wipe out
- wipe off

Synonyms for "wipe away":

Related Definitions for "wipe away":

  1. remove by wiping1

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