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  1. demilitarise:


Detailed Translations for demilitarise from English to French


to demilitarise verb, British

  1. to demilitarise (demilitarize)
    pacifier; démilitariser
    • pacifier verb (pacifie, pacifies, pacifions, pacifiez, )
    • démilitariser verb (démilitarise, démilitarises, démilitarisons, démilitarisez, )

Translation Matrix for demilitarise:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
démilitariser demilitarise; demilitarize pacify
pacifier demilitarise; demilitarize allay; appease; hush; pacify; please; provide gratification; quiet; satiate; satisfy; saturate; silence; soothe; suffice; tranquilize; tranquillise; tranquillize
- demilitarize; disarm

Synonyms for "demilitarise":

Antonyms for "demilitarise":

  • militarise; militarize; arm

Related Definitions for "demilitarise":

  1. remove offensive capability from1
  2. do away with the military organization and potential of1