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Detailed Translations for flight from English to French


flight [the ~] noun

  1. the flight
    – a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports 1
    le voyage en avion; le vol; la croisière aérienne
  2. the flight (escape; breakout; escaping; )
    – the act of escaping physically 1
    l'évasion; la fuite

Translation Matrix for flight:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
croisière aérienne flight flying-trip
fuite break; breakout; escape; escaping; flight; getting away; jailbreak hole; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture; spill
vol flight cheating; corruption; corruptions; defalcation; deprivation; despoilment; embezzlement; fencing; flying-trip; fraud; malversation; malversations; robbery; stripping; swindle; swindling; theft
voyage en avion flight air trip; air voyage
évasion break; breakout; escape; escaping; flight; getting away; jailbreak evasion
- escape; flight of stairs; flight of steps; flying; trajectory
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- fledge
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- flight of steps; flying trip

Related Words for "flight":

  • flights

Synonyms for "flight":

Related Definitions for "flight":

  1. the act of escaping physically1
    • his flight was an indication of his guilt1
  2. a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports1
    • I took the noon flight to Chicago1
  3. an instance of traveling by air1
  4. a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next1
  5. passing above and beyond ordinary bounds1
    • a flight of fancy1
    • flights of rhetoric1
    • flights of imagination1
  6. an air force unit smaller than a squadron1
  7. a formation of aircraft in flight1
  8. a flock of flying birds1
  9. the path followed by an object moving through space1
  10. decorate with feathers1
  11. fly in a flock1
    • flighting wild geese1
  12. shoot a bird in flight1

Wiktionary Translations for flight:

  1. set of stairs
  2. act of fleeing
  3. journey made by an aircraft
    • flightvol
  4. act of flying
    • flightvol
  5. instance of flying
    • flightvol
  1. (figuré) action de s’envoler.
  2. action de l’oiseau qui s’élance pour prendre son vol.
  3. (familier, fr) fuite.
  4. Action de fuir
  5. Au sens figuré
  6. À la fuite
  7. ?
  8. mouvement des oiseaux et de divers animaux, qui se soutiennent et avancent dans l’air au moyen de leurs ailes.
  9. action de voler, vol, envol, en parlant des oiseaux et de certains animaux comme les insectes.

Cross Translation:
flight vol vlucht — het zich door luchtruim bewegen
flight vol FlugFortbewegung eines Körpers durch die Luft durch Ausnutzung der Gesetze der Aerodynamik

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